oxyclean on tile grout?

tara2009February 17, 2013

After years of trying to get the stains out of my cream colored grout (yes, a bad decision to begin with!), I finally tried a paste of oxyclean mixed with hot water. I scrubbed it and the result was amazing! The grout was gleaming clean.
The only issue was that it was a total nightmare to wash the stuff off. I would wash it off and then there would still be a white dusty haze over the tile... I had to wash it several times to get the cleaner off the floor... but the result to me was totally worth it.

I am just wondering if anyone knows whether this is actually safe for the grout ? I am not seeing any issues with the grout and it's not something I would do often... but I feel like it really saved the kitchen. Nothing bothers me more than dirty grout, in fact I don't know if I would ever put tile in a kitchen again after this. I haven't finished all sections because it was pretty labor intensive but worth it.

Just wondering if anyone else has ever tried this and if you know whether there any issues with using this product on grout?

The person that sold me the floor told me to just use vinegar to clean the floors, but that was useless for us. I also bought supposed non stainable grout. I was pretty skeptical about the idea of non stainable grout, and I guess I was right. I don't really think there is such a thing... but I am sure I paid more for it!

Would love others thoughts on this!

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I haven't tried Oxyclean on grout, but it is amazing for getting build-up off glass shower doors. The only trouble is rinsing it off...you're gonna get wet and it takes several attempts to get all the residue off. But nothing cleans quite like it.

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I was just in the tile store today talking on this same subject. the guy there said that any cleaner harsher than what you use on your hands will strip the sealer off the grout. Since your grout is now clean I would say now is the time to seal it.

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Sometimes dry baking soda spritzed with hydrogen peroxide will clean it without residue, but you have to let it sit on the grout in a paste for a while. ITA with sumac, tho. Time to seal.

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FWIW, Bill Vincent, one of the tile experts here, always recommends oxyclean for grout.

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