Plaster meets drywall

BilllApril 29, 2009

Ive got an exterior wall with a chimney that protrudes into the room. The wall was originally plaster, but when I took off the lovely 70's paneling, there was only a crumbled mess.

We put up new drywall on the wall, but the chimney was in good shape (at least externally). Now, I'm not sure how to address the joint between the drywall and the chimney plaster. Based on my experience with mudding drywall, I know I am unqualified to use any plaster type products that cannot be sanded to correct my sloppy work. Will tape and joint compound work in these corners since half the joint has drywall to cling to or should I use some sort of plaster patch? If I have to go the plaster route, is there any sandable patch product?

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Mud and tape it like any other drywall seem.

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Try Easysand.
It sets up with much less shrinkage, but can still be sanded if you mess up.

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I wouldn't bother with the tape - use a bonding agent like plaster weld or elmers pro-bond - & apply to all surfaces including edge of the plaster, drywall edge and the gap between, and then fill gap with patching plaster. Is this a corner joint? If so you can get a corner shaped trowel type thing to shape it.

I've done numerous plaster/ drywall joints using the bonding agent and 10 yrs later they're still looking good.

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Yes, the chimney sticks into the room, so there are two 90 degree-ish corners where the drywall meets the plaster.

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