pull down, pull out or side spray??

kickballFebruary 2, 2013

Replacing a leaking faucet. Have the old model with side sprayer. Need to be educated on benefits of switching to pull down or out and (please) what is the difference. Have looked at kohler, moen and delta...thoughts???

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I'll link an old thread, which is one of the best summaries I've seen of the differences between pull-down and pull-out faucets. The choice is somewhat a matter of personal preference, and also the situation in your kitchen. I.e. if you have a cabinet that is over your sink without a lot of headroom, you likely don't want a tall pull-down. Conversely, if your sink is in front of a big window, a tall pull-down will look great. That kind of thing. I myself prefer the pull-out faucet, because I don't like to have to reach toward the back of the sink for a pull-down faucet, but many people prefer the pull-down and that doesn't bother them whatsoever.

You absolutely must go to a showroom with faucets on display, preferably some that are actually connected up to water, and handle them, and see what you like.

As to side spray, I do not like them. The water pressure is not as strong as the sprayer that is integrated in a faucet, you always have to hold down the lever to keep it on spray, and it's one more thing to clean around. My plumber says that side sprayers are more prone to breakage than integrated sprayers.

In your situation, you already have a hole cut-out for the side-sprayer, right? You could use it for a soap dispenser instead.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Pull-down vs. Pull-out Faucets

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After using both, I have to tell you the pull down is easier. I have a pull down from Grohe that I love. It's so easy to maneuver and is more flexible than the pull out. It also is just a more fluid natural wrist position to wiggle it around.

My mother has a pull out and it is just awkward pulling it out and trying to bend it back around because of the angle of it. She also does not like that it is lower than the pull down that I have and she can't get her pots under it because it projects forward and is in the way. I hate her faucet!!!

The biggest advice I would give you is whichever one you choose, be sure to get one with the metal hose and not the stiff braided hose because the stiffness of the braided hose makes it so much harder to bend around and isn't nearly as flexible as the metal segmented one. See if you can hold them in person if you can find a store that has a set up like that such as Ferguson's.

I would not ever consider a side spray again after using a pull down simply because of the full on force of the spray of the water and I have never had a side spray that would propel as much water as a pull down or out. They always left water still coming out of the spout and didn't divert fully over to the spray even after having a plumber look at it and try to fix.

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Re SaraKat's points, I think it depends on the pull-out. My pull-out faucet does not have the problems that SaraKat describes. I've heard before about the pull-out and wrist position, but I use my pull-out faucet several times every day, for years, and have not experienced that. To me, it's worse to have the ergonomics of a pull-down of having to reach toward the back of the sink, and get splashing behind the sink. Also, I think the issue of filling tall pots has more to do with the depth of your sink. My sink is 9" deep and I fill my tallest stock pot with no problem. As mentioned, this is a very individual decision, and the OP needs to go to a showroom and see faucets live.

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I put the large pot on the counter and pull the nozzle over to fill it. That said, I have a pull down, and I love it. It makes it much easier to wash the dog, especially with the spray-hold button.

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Sarakat, I think that's a function of your mom's particular faucet and not of pullouts in general. I think if you had the cheaper type of pulldown with the plastic tubing you would find it frustrating to use as well.

I have both types of faucets and chose each for what I wanted them to do in their locations. I put a pulldown at the beverage sink but a pullout at my main/prep sink. I wanted this pullout at the main sink because of its longer reach and 360-degree rotation.

Here are a few pics of why I like my pullout:

I fill pots and soak roasting pans to the left of the sink if I'm prepping to the right, so the super long reach of the pullout was what sold me on this faucet. It extends out almost four feet.

That said, I did choose a pulldown for my other sink and I love it too. It's more stylish at the bar sink and I don't need the long reach or 360-degree rotation there. I think you just need to evaluate faucet types based on your needs and choose either a pullout or pulldown accordingly. I would stay away from the side sprayer for sure though.

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I should have explained more, my mom still hand washes all of her dishes. She has trouble rinsing the dishes and pots under the pullout, not filling pots. Her pull out is smaller than the one you have taggie and thank you for the photos, what a pretty kitchen! I don't think I have seen one that arcs that high on a pullout, it looks great. My mom's problem is with the faucet in place and trying to rinse under the faucet. Her's doesn't arc as high as your model.

I love my pull down. Grohe Bridgeford. But I think I would like some other models just as well that are similar. But overall I'm pleased with the one I have.

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