any fiber spinners out there? advice

woolladyMarch 31, 2009

hi to all, i like to spin wool.its easy for me to store the spun yarn till needed,but what would be the best way to store the fiber or fleece?right now they are in black garbage bags and take up the entire closet space(2 feet by 8 ft.),top to there an accepta ble way to store them.where the fleeces would be protected and give me better storage space?any advice would be greatly welcomed.thanks

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Check out your local knitting /craft store. They keep their yarn out in the open, on racks, not in the dark and all piled up. Perhaps you can create a hanging system. I screwed cup hooks into a wall and hang my bagged Christmas decorations on the hooks. Or maybe you can build shelves into that closet so you can set the yarn on them.

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hi jannie,thanks for your response.however i don;t need help storing the yarn but the actual fleeces themselves .they are huge and take up all the room in the closet and wondered if there is a good way of storing them and being able to clain storage space.tia

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