Have you seen this new cookware? twiztt?

kacramFebruary 5, 2013

Joan Lunden is either a designer of it, or just endorsing it. But it really does look cool!

Here is a link that might be useful: ceramic cookware

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I must be missing something. What's different about it?

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Saw it today on Marie. Looks cool but I don't think I'm going to replace what I have.

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It's not the same name, but I got a skillet set that have the ceramic non-stick coating.

I have to say I am impressed so far. Nothing sticks. In fact, the first time I make eggs I went to flip them and almost jettisoned them across the room ROFL!

My only complaint with the set I have is the sides are very low, but as for the surface itself it works well. The coating in ours is like a light seafoam greyish green.


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Always something new and exciting on the market. I went to a department store yesterday with a fat gift card in my wallet. All sorts of colorful things in the kitchen department! I came away with a pair of black pants. LOL

So far nothing has tempted me to stray from my cast iron cookware, both plain and enamel-coated. Natural non-stick.

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I like the ceramic surface. And the cool melamine bowl that you put the pot or frying pan into that keeps the food hot for hours (supposedly! lol) It just looked interesting and different. I have no plans on buying either. lol I like cast iron, but am afraid to use it on my glass top stove!

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Yeah, that wouldn't be a good idea, Kat. :-)

I just saw melamine in the news. Research just released about melamine leaching chemicals into foods like hot soup. People are advised not to put hot food in contact with plastic. Wish they had told us this when microwaves first came out. I stopped using plastic dishes in them years ago, but I used them for years before that.

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