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aimeecelesteMarch 28, 2006

I have a few hooks where I hang the keys to my house, car, work, etc, ect right by my front door (which is usually unlocked). My little system doesn't seem very safe to me. What do yall do to keep your keys handy and safe?

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The ones I use every day are on one keychain which is either on me or on one spot on the kitchen counter (not visible from outside). The others are in a "junk drawer" -- and labeled, because I'll never remember what-all they're for just by shape or keychain. :-p

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I have mine right by the exit to the garage in the kitchen.

My parents keep theirs on hooks inside one of the cabinet doors in the kitchen. This is probably neater looking and safer since they aren't visible.

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I keep a wooden memo holder in the kitchen. It has two slots to hold mail (incoming and outgoing,I guess). And several cuphooks for hanging keys. Altho it's in full view of anyone who enters the jitchen, I look at it frequently during the day and I'd notice if keys were missing, so I consider it safe. Also have a fake "key rock" (a false rock with an indented area where you can stash a key) outside in my garden in case anyone gets locked outside. My children had to use it a couple of times. I just have to be careful to make sure they replace it after using it!!!

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The ones that I use every day are hooked to my purse. That's easier for me because both are together. The few others we have are in a drawer because we don't use them very often.

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I only have my van and house key on my key ring which goes right into my purse before I get out of the vehicle. My work key is left in a console thing in the van, along with my work ID, so I don't have to think about them in the morning. If someone ever wants into my office, they are welcome to the mess. The key doesn't get them into the building.

My oldest son and DH keep their keys where they stash their wallets. The three younger kids aren't old enough to need keys yet, except for their bike locks. Extra keys are well labeled and in an old Tupperware container in the cabinet.

One thing we have done is have all doors keyed to use the same key. That way we don't need three or four keys for the house or garage. All bike locks are keyed for one key. No trying to keep everyone's locks separate.

We have never used a key rack. I personally would not want the keys in view. We have had two repair people in the house this month. I have tons of kids in and out. While I think everyone is "good people" sometimes things happen. The phone rings while you are at the door with the repair person, so they just say "I'll let myself out." etc.

We did have a neighbor who had teen boys. The friend of a friend kind of thing and there were several kids there. Apparently one took a key off a ring and did come back and steal small jewelry. She was going up and down the street to see if she was the only house hit, and finally discovered one of the keys gone. They didn't take the entire ring, just pulled a key off.

If my oldest needs to drive my van, he gets the keys from my purse and then puts them back. We just don't need tons of keys.


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All my keys (house/car/office) are on one key ring in my purse.

DH has duplicates to the house/car on his key ring.

My pet peeve: Coworkers who keep their office keys on a separate key ring. There are a couple people at work who are ALWAYS forgetting them, then need to borrow my master key to get in their private offices. You would think after a few times they would realize their "system" isn't working!

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