Not sure how to finish this wood

sapphire6917April 7, 2014

Hi All!

I have finally cleaned the built in closet, formerly known as the bird toilet, but now I don't know what finish to put on it. I know I don't want to stain it but I don't know which finish will really enhance the wood. It looks like it may be three different wood species between the cedar closet, the door and the strip of wood across the top but I know nothing about wood so maybe not. I am also including a shot of the floor to give you an idea what that looks like. The white molding will be stained.

Thanks for your input!!

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This may be an unbelievably naive question, and I should just google the answer, but does one finish the cedar in a cedar closet? Wouldn't that seal in the wonderful fumey nature of the wood?

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Hi Vjrnts! I may not have been clear in my post or perhaps misunderstood your question but I don't intend to do anything to the inside of the closet. However, the outside of the closet had a beautiful sheen to it like on the inside but, after cleaning and sanding the bird droppings off, it still has a pretty color (and aroma!) but the sheen is gone. I'd like to restore that sheen but have no idea what to use on it.

Hope that helps!

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I remember your original post! It's lovely and I would in no way want to hide any of the beautiful grain. I'd simply oil it with teak or cedar oil. It will restore the sheen, allow the wood to breathe, and will probably go a good, long time before you need to oil it again.

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Hi Calliope! Yeah, it was in rough shape. I may end up painting the chimney next to it because I can't get it clean. I can tell you that cleaning that closet was about as much fun as a day of root canals but it was well worth the effort! And THANK YOU because I had no idea there was such a thing as cedar oil! I tried a bit of tung oil on it but it just looked like a wet spot with no sheen. I'm going to look for the cedar oil this evening!

And the work just might be done by next month so I can show the whole closet!

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The cedar oil may be a bit too aromatic for your closet exteior, because it simply replaces the oil the wood is noted for. There are oils what tend to stay wet looking those what tend to leave a hard finish. I have read excellent articles on which ones and hows, but don't have it at hand and you can google as easily as I. I do know that some furniture restorers suggest that the il be applied with something like steel wool, on the last coat or two, suggesting the micro mini pieces of wood scraped off, when combined with the oil tend to fill in the tiny surface grooves, making for more mirror like finish. I just would be hesitant in sealing that wood off with something like a polyurethane and not a wax on that kind of wood.

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