What's the best method for removing paint from sconces

1929SpanishApril 13, 2012

We just had our house rewired and the original sconces are all off the walls right now. Of course over the years when folks painted the walls, they never took down the fixtures and there are at least two coats of paint around the edges. I'm assuming it's latex paint, but not sure.

What would be the best product to remove this paint? I was told lacquer thinner, but I'm concerned about it damaging the finish. One sconce is iron and I believe the rest are aluminum with some of the polychrome finish left. No matter the product, I know I'll be very careful cleaning them.

Got to post and run....thanks in advance!

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Denatured alcohol will dissolve latex paint. So will xylol (goof-off's main ingredient). Lacquer thinner is "hotter" still and can as the name implies remove lacquer and soften most paints. Use that as a last resort.

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Cool, thanks.

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