March organizing challenge

mommabirdMarch 16, 2013

Clean out and straighten up your tv cabinent!

I switched cable/internet companies this week. It forced me to clean out the cabinent under the TV. I got rid of random cables, DVDs I don't watch or want, and video games the kids don't play any more. It's great to have that all clean and organized!

Now you go do it, too!

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We did that earlier this year. I caught a Black Friday in January sale on TVs and bought a new one so we'd have one in the kitchen for Super Bowl. After game day, we ended up doing a little game of musical TV's around in the house. Well, what a dusty, cable-spaghetti mess - it's amazing how dirty the areas around TVs become. My DVDs are pretty organized - I have a great cabinet for them. My CD's, however, are another story. So my March Challenge will be to work on the CD's.

Here is a link that might be useful: My DVD Cabinet

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