Organizing toothbrushes

bugaboomdcFebruary 6, 2005

I was reading this site and thought I would post this problem that I am having. The children's bathroom also serves as a guest bath and I don't like the toothbrushes lounging around the sink. The children brush better with battery operated toothbrushes but because of their size (the toothbrushes, not the kids, LOL) they don't fit into a holder. Can anyone suggest something to store them in by the sink so the area doesn't look so cluttered but they can also dry properly? There are 3 of them laying around. The only storage is under the sink (YUK) or in the linen closet which I also don't like the idea of and I also don't think I could actually get them to open up that door to put them away after each use.

I also don't think, for sanitary reasons, they should just be laying by the sink.

Thank you in advance,


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Why use the traditional toothbrush holders that are too narrow or, even worse, have those tiny holes? You could just utilize a wide mouthed mug or jar.


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I think a mug is a great idea!

I use regular toothbrushes but even they sometimes have wide handles, especially the kid ones.

My pet peeve is traditional holders get gross inside, and it is impossible to clean them. I was going to use a cup or mug, but I recently went with this model in all our bathrooms.

My new toothbrush holders

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I saw a toothbrush holder at Bed Bath & Beyond that was straight sided, w/ big rectangular holes for battery-powered toothbrushes. It only held 3, so I didn't get it for us (plus I don't have much in the way of flat surfaces by my sink).

I couldn't find that one on their web site, but I did find this one; I wonder if its holes would be OK for battery-powered toothbrushes. And maybe the big hole could hold the toothbrush.

I'm gonna have to drop a note to the MSEverday design folks!

(I put my toothbrush holder in the dishwasher)

Here is a link that might be useful: toothbrush holder w/ bigger holes (it looks like)

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