Experience with Icynene Foam Insulation?

chipster_2007April 15, 2008

I am also looking into insulating my home built 1930's. I have looked at cellulose but was interested in the icynene foam insulation I saw at the home show. I have also seen this used on "This Old House" more than once giving it some creditability that it is a good product. Given what happened to the polyurethane insulation problems years ago, I want to make absolutely sure there aren't any problems with this type of foam. It has been said that because it is open cell foam insul, that there aren't any problems with it if it gets wet, ie from a roof leak and that it just dries out thereby avoiding problems with mold and mildew. I am wondering just how true this is. I'd appreciate any imput regarding your experiences, good or bad, with this. Thanks

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polyurethane insulation problems years ago

The only concern with polyurethane that I know of is the use of Penta BDE as a fireproofing agent. Perhaps you were thinking of UFFI (urea formaldehyde foam insulation).

Here is a link that might be useful: Insulation--different types and advantages, disadvantages

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