My Tribute.

lilydillyFebruary 2, 2009

Hi, I hope this counts as organising. I cleaned out my bedside shelf, and found the notebook that I'd used while I was laid up for about 7 months last year. I had jotted down some of the gems I found on this forum.... it kept me sane and laughing, and I thought you all might get a kick out of some of these....there were so many I could have kept but I just jotted these down. So, this is part of my de-cluttering for this week, to share these and then throw them away. This can be my little "thank you" tribute to everyone on here.

Sorry if I misquote any of you.. my writing and notes were a bit of a jumble.

Quiltglo "We all think (this forum) is one of the nicest ones on GW. If anyone gets snarky, they just get told to hush."

RJVT "I organized our Barbie shoes in the vacuum bag".

Purple Jade (on her DH's box of junk) " I asked him what all that was and he said, with some sarcasm, 'It's CALLED odds and ends'".

ELizabeth10029 on expensive bras " Unfortunately you have to choose between granite counters and bras".

TallySue, on storing 1st Aid stuff "The toilet forms a natural seat to put the wounded on, and they can't stain anything permanently by bleeding all over it, and the light in there is great!"

Wendy the Pooh "We have the perfect junk drawer... the back is missing from it, so...the junk just falls from the back down into the cabinet below, so vwallah! the drawer is clean".

Cupofkindness "Once it came to me like clouds parting and a light shining in my brain: Finish what needs to be done each day".

Steve O "I speak as a 'mostly de-cluttered' male....who DOES have two boxes of cables and wires in the basement..but only one of each type of cable/wire."

Marge727, on soccer schedules, burp cloths and stages of life "If you hang in there long enough - you can do it all; just not at the same time."

Duluthinbloomz on why she likes gardening "I didn't have to put it somewhere or do something with it when I was finished."

Tally Sue "I gave myself permission to have ideas without being 'required' to follow up on them".

Sumbo "Seems a bit odd to me when I carry home my new roll of plastic bin liners in my green enviro bag!"

Marge727 "If someone told me the gift I gave them got swept up in a tornado, I would say 'WOW'. Who can argue with a natural disaster".

Tre3 on why she enjoys the garden "Is it because in the garden a weed is so clearly a weed? No thinking or decision making, just pull it!"

CelticMoon on keeping flower arrangement vases "of course if I get loaded down with flower arrangements, I'll probably have a bigger problem than vases. I'll figure somebody else can worry about vases then".

Tre3 in answer to someone asking about throwing away single earrings..."Do you know anyone who has a third peircing in their ear? Perhaps they'd welcome your gift of mateless earrings"

Celticmoon on decluttering "And shimmering before me throughout will be the vision of luscious empty breathing space, cradling what stays".

Stephanie in ga "when... I can get more done 'while I wait' it is satisfying and feels, for just a moment, like I have things under control. Then the moment is gone..."

Jiggreen on her teenager's room "those two stacks of important papers... sitting there on this desk in perfect order, they sort of glowed with a golden light. He is a teenager after all, but at least there is a glimmer of a future organizer there, when he gets over his teenage slovenliness".

Maggie Berry to her closet "It's over, I can't take it... it's not you, it's me. You don't make me happy any more".

Shades of Idaho "I do not think we need to punish ourselves just because what was important to us at one time turns out to not be important now."

Celtic Moon "I'm going for the aging hippie, earth mother look. Not sure what to do with my feet when it gets too cold for sandals though".

Artistic attorney "the only thing absolutely organized in my home are the (15) books on how to be organized".

Gotta love you all.

Regards Lily

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Oh my goodness, some of those are snort the coffee out your nose funny!!! And some are poignant.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for collecting and posting them!!!

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I like the last one best-about the 15 books on organization.

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What a great collection, lilydilly! I smiled all the way through them. Some real pearls there.


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Thank you, thank you Lily!

Maria, GR.

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Lily, you made my morning! (except I spurted coffee all over my keyboard when I read Celtic Moon's comment)

Thanks for sharing, Great reading this AM.

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Oh those are wonderful! I'm in a shades of Idaho, not going to punish myself with no longer important stuff kinda mood and thought I'd wonder over here to glean some inspiration from all you organizing aficionados. Off to read more posts! : )

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Except I think I have 50 books on organization (and time management, office space, housework/homework, and so on).

Laugh, or check into the loony bin? I really do/did enjoy them at one time, though.

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Now THAT was time well spent!!! Thank you so much for caring enough to share.

I occasionally think of some of the comments that have stuck in what little memory I have left, and chuckle over many of them. I actually guffaw over the comment posted under something to do with the best thing you ever got rid lady posted 'my mother in law and her deadbeat son'.

Humor is such cheap medicine!


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Yep, I've found that inspiration is the best cleaning/ organizing tool around. And that's what this forum supplies for me... inspiration.
I often see cleaning products and gadgets and think, Now, if I had one of them the task would get done. And then if i buy it, I get it home and put it in the cupboard and wow, it doesn't get the task done at all, not all by itself.
Nope. I've found that what gets the task done is simply me getting up and shifting myself about. A cloth, a bit of water and a dollop, of sudsy stuff cleans most of the areas in my house, gadgets/products or no. It's just the inspiration to get said cloth and sudsy stuff into my lazy little old hand that is the missing factor.
I found that by reading posts on here, I was inspired to make my spaces just how I want them to be, clean, organized and de-cluttered.
If someone asks how to best sort their sock drawer, I find myself wanting to go look in mine.
And if someone says they've just sparkled their bathroom mirrors, I think, "Oh, maybe mine need a bit of a rub up".
I guess it just changes our perspective or attitude to know someone else out in the world is also wiping down toothpaste specks and hosing out their wheelie bin?
Keep the inspiration coming. It works better for me than all the bleach and detergent in the world.
Cheers from lily

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Loved them! Thanks so much. Now, throw them to the wind! LOL

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What is a wheelie bin? Please don't tell me I have one and didn't even know what it was. And imagine how dirty it must be by now!


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Thanks for the laugh! I have often laughed out loud, and been inspired by this forum. That's why I keep coming back year after year. But this past month I really have been inspired to clean out. We will be moving next month. I have known for a few years that we would be moving, so have been trying to clean out. But it only gets me so far. Now that we only have a month, I find that where I usually feel wishy washy about getting rid of stuff - and close the closet door and suddenly remember other important things I have to do - lately I've been saying what's so hard about getting rid of this? I have finally arrived! Yeah!

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Barbara. LOL the "wheelie bin" is just our big outdoor garbage container... not sure what you call it outside of Australia... trash/garbage bin/can? ours are big green plastic bins on wheels and we put them out to have the garbage collected each week.

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Okay, I got that. We call it a garbage can here in the US. A lot of them have wheels too.

I have a neice in Surf City, moved there about a year ago, and loving it! She actually surfs! Doesn't do violets though.


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