Kitchen identity Crisis!

JonnjenFebruary 23, 2013

Hello Everyone,
My wife and I need drastic help deciding on flooring color choices for our kitchen and morning room. We have been going round and round trying to decide for the past year+.

Cabinets are Merrilat cherry cinnamon (gold hardware)
Granite - Black Galaxy
Appliances - All SS

We are thinking ceramic slate (grade 4) and changing to SS hardware on cabinets while keeping the walls tan as shown. The gold actually looks OK with the copper flakes in the granite, so we are afraid of going full SS on hardware, perhaps black? Current flooring is original linoleum and seriously needs to go. We are leaning towards 12''x12'' in the Versailles pattern in a darker color slate/browns etc.

The next step is to hire a 'designer' >.The entire kitchen/morning room/laundry room/ pantry is ~500Sq ft so we are OK with going a darker floor color since the walls are tan.

Any suggestions or advice is as always greatly appreciated.

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Another perspective.

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Definitely get rid of the gold hardware. It just seems dated to me. Why don't get order some stainless and black hardware and hold it up to the room and decide which you like best.

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Totally going to replace the gold, we just want to make a decision on flooring first to see what goes best.

And for us, what floor and color is the million dollar question.

John & Jen

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I think a greenish slate floor would look best with the red tones in your cabs.

As for the hardware---I don't see stainless. Have you considered something between black and stainless, like ORB or dark gray? We wanted a dark but not black finish and found hardware in "graphite" to fit the bill. The style might be a bit industrial for you, but just for color reference...

Here is a link that might be useful: Graphite knobs and pulls

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Thanks Rovo,
We are leaning towards a muted orange slate ceramic tile 18''x18''. I believe it is called Imperial slate.

I'll have to buy a few different knobs and see what works I suppose.

Thanks for the tips, keep em' coming! It is much appreciated.

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12 x 12 tile is out of favor because people who have cleaned grout lines never want to go there again. Granted, there's epoxy grout now, but the stigma remains for smaller tiles. I would not use a dark tile when you have dark wood and dark counters. I'd look for a tan and gray tile, which will also look nice with SS appliances. Your kitchen has three plains of solid color (cabs, counter, wall), so you need some movement in the tile pattern.

We looked at tile for six months and finally picked it when the floor installer was ready to start. There were just too many choices, and we were lost trying to coordinate with our solid colored quartz countertop. The breakthrough came when my DH said "We have two solid planes of color--the natural cherry cabinets and the monochromatic counter. If we use a monochromatic tile, it will all look like a solid mass. We need something with some movement." That's one of the bennies of having a photographer for a DH.

There's so much to chose from, so you just have to find a place that stocks tile from several different tile companies.

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Just my opinion, but the tile you linked above seems like it might be orangey with the rest of your kitchen colors. may_flowers' idea of adding movement in the flooring is a good one, imho. What do you think of this one, in "moss" by the same manufacturer?

Here is a link that might be useful: Marazztile in moss

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Have you considered a porcelain wood-look tile? Your space is so traditional it might be your best option. swtsae posted this image on the flooring forum a while back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood

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I would stay away from reds, oranges and golds as a predominant color. You want to cool the cherry down a little now.

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If you have hardwood in the adjoining rooms, I'd consider that.

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We have dogs and kids on the way, we don't feel like hardwood would be a long term solution.

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I will post a pic of one of my favorite kitchens. Your cabinetry and wall color may go well with a floor like this. The tiles may be a bit large for your space, but I think you can get a good idea of adding some interest with the floor. These pics are from Hendel Homes website. They are a Minneapolis builder and many of their kitchens have been featured in the best kitchen magazines. Their website is worth checking out. Good Luck!

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I have always really liked cherry cabinets with dark counters. I do agree that changing your floor and the brass hardware would really update your room.

Here's a few photos from houzz that might be helpful...

Traditional Kitchen design by Dc Metro Architect Richard Leggin Architects

You can't really see the floor in this one but the backsplash gives the idea...

Eclectic Kitchen design by Other Metro Media And Blogs

Modern Kitchen design by Phoenix Architect Patricia B. Warren, AIA Warren Architecture, LLC

Tropical Kitchen design by Hawaii Kitchen And Bath Tervola Designs

This one doesn't have the cherry cabinets but I really like the floor design...

Traditional Kitchen design by New York Interior Designer J. Stephens Interiors

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we have had hardwood floors in our kitchen and the whole first floor for 20+ years and they are still in very good shape. They've survived tricycle riding by kids, kids/pets being bathed in the sink, two dogs, lots of kids in and out, bikes rolled through the house every single day. We used Bona high traffic finish (previously Pacific Strong).

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Definitely not the orangey tile, please. Stay lighter in a cream, tan or lighter wood. You could use the green, either as a dominant color or as part of a mixed slate where you don't have to commit, but no orange or red. I also don't see a dark floor in that room. It has plenty of dark going on already.

As far as the gold hardware, if they are quality brass, i'd be inclined to give them a good cleaning and keep them. If they are a cheap fake, definitely replace, but brass is on it's way back into fixtures and furnishings in general. If you don't believe me, look at high end light fixtures. You could be cutting edge by keeping it, avoid darkening the kitchen more with another dark finish, and play off the gold specks in your granite. You have good reasons for keeping them, but you might want to make it look like less of an accident. Embrace the brass and bring in another piece or two -- figure, such as a towel pig, cookbook stand, gold accents on a cake plate or cookie jar, change the can over the island to a pendant with a gold tone, towle hooks or bars.

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A few more pics

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This is the darker of the few

Here is a link that might be useful: HOMEDEPOT Darker Tile choice#2

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This is the third and last.

Here is a link that might be useful: HOME DEPOT Tile choice#3

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The last one, Daltile Fidenza, is very close in pattern to my tile. It has some movement with the darker lines. But it's awfully warm on their website and will blend in with the wall and cabinets. I like this cooler color in Fidenza, but HD probably doesn't carry it. Is your only choice HD? I found their selection limited.

That being said, it has too much movement to pair with the accent tile.

Edit: HD has the Daltile Fidenza Bianco on their website. I'd try a sample.

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Good Morning May_Flowers,
The Daltile Fidenza Bianco was our third choice I believe, more importantly I now understand what everyone means when they say "movement".

My wife and I really like the accent tile style - it is something we can part with if the style just doesn't mesh but do you think it will work with the above tile?

My gut says with 18'' tile it wouldn't be overkill on the eyes. I also realized that we are 16'' on even for our joists so that is helpful to know as well.

However, I am no expert!

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It is porcelain tile that looks like wood, hence the term, "porcelain wood-look tile."

It was used with slate tile on the floor that you liked.

Having actually read your posts and looked at your images, I doubt it is for you. The tiles you are considering look like (and are featured as) bathroom floors to me. You might want to consider a larger format tile, or a different layout pattern. Good luck.

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Jonnjen, your third choice is the color called Dorado, not Bianco. I'd like you to notice how the warm/coppery floor tile will give your kitchen the overall look of being very brown. With a lighter neutral or gray in the tile, it gives some relief to the brownness.The movement creates some interest and pattern, since you don't have pattern in your countertop.

As a word of caution--colors that look like a soft gold on a tile sample can give an overall effect of looking very yellow when installed.

Oh, and no problem with using the large format tile. I have a small U-shaped kitchen and we used 16 x 16 tile.

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Great points. We were thinking of going with 16x16 or 18x18, does it make design sense to go larger than that? The entire space is just under 500sq ft (Kitchen, Morning room, Pantry and laundry room).

Sadly I'm going to ask for more help to determine what constitutes a bathroom vice a kitchen floor tile because I don't have a clue. haha

Any recco's would be fantastic.

Side note: one tile guy suggested picking a lighter tile that accentuates (slightly) the cherry tones in the cabinets while still matching the black galaxy (dark countertops). We are trying to do that but are having a tough time narrowing down our choices.

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Good point on the warm copper tile, we want to tone down the dark cabinets and countertops not enhance them. I'll keep searching for a more nuetral - gray tile.

Thanks again.

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The Daltile Fidenza Bianco - looks like it may be a match or something like it. We are partial to using the little tile accents with 18x18; but not after every tile - sort of spread out over every few.

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Tile accents can help, but using large format tile in an artistic layout can help more. You've shown images of floors with pinwheel and Versaille layouts. Even a simple diamond pattern can distinguish a space, but if the room is large, a large format tile in a diamond pattern can still look a little lavatory-esque.


Versaille uses 4 tile sizes

pinwheel uses two tile sizes

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Pretty traditional cherry cabinets with stainless or ORB hardware look dated to me. Such a 2000 and late knee-jerk reaction to finishes and not to the whole picture.

My vote is to keep the brass hardware!

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The gold in my opninion just doesn't jize with the black galaxy grantite and SS appliances.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Have you considered cork instead? Quieter warmer and softer under comes in lovely colors...and is easier on dropped glasses and dishes.

GF went with cork flooring in her kitchen and is very happy with it.

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I'm a cork fan. Tile is hard on the feet/legs/back and anything else that gets dropped or falls on it.

Having said that, the third pic in the list posted above from Houzz is really pretty. Lighter but holds its own with the cherry and dark counter.

Brass is allegedly coming back. Shoulder pads should be next!

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We âÂÂlikeâ cork, but have read that it is prone to sun bleaching.

Most of the real estate in the kitchen is the morning room which is surrounded with very large windows and gets lots of sunlight.

Also with two dogs and a kid on the way I'm not too confident of the resiliency of cork.

We also love bamboo but I donâÂÂt think the style will work, but this is the constructive feedback that we are in need of.

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Definitely some good ideas here - I agree with lightening the floor up and toning down the brown and laying tile in a pattern (if you do tile). I love the "wood" plank tile but your kitchen is too traditional/formal to pull it off. We love our hardwood floors and with two kids have no problem with wear (although we are shoeless inside and don't have dogs. But my sister has two kids and a dog and all wood floors and no problem after seven years installed). The good thing about wood is it can always be refinished someday. Tile chips when you drop things (we have a chip in our mudroom already and the tile has been there for just six months!) Wood is softer on the feet too. When looking at tile, definitely bring samples home. My HD was a pain about samples. I had much better luck lugging home tons of samples from my local tiles stores.

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What does everything think about going with something like this?

It is called Daltile Ayers Rock Majestic Mound - in a pinwheel pattern.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ayers Rock Majestic mound

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Make sure that you take note when it says high shade variance and look at all the samples. The sales rep at Daltile who suggested our tile didn't say anything about variance. Some of our tiles are almost a solid while others have movement. My heart sank when I saw the tiles but it turned out fine.

Here's your tile that shows the variance.

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Love the varied tile size like Michelle marie posted. Agree lighter with some color variation "movement" would be nice and wouldn't show ever mark. I'd prefer something more neurtal than green or slate and definitly no to orange and burgandy tones. Not a fan of the little accent tiles between the bigger tiles especially in a small space. I think there is enough going on without them and to me they look dated. I'm not a fan of gold hardware at all, especially with the stainless. I like silver tones with stainless. Don't like oil rubbed either since you already have so many dark elements. JMO.

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Good comments!

I don't think our space is "small" however. It measures 500sq ft not including the island, bar etc. I do however understand a lot more now. When looking at our kitchen from the hallway or family room the cabinets are to focal point.

The gold wasn't our choice. :p It will be gone soon - that is once we decide on a #*@#^ tile.

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It is a very busy tile in a post filled with busy tiles. It looks as though you want your floor to be the main focus of your kitchen. If that's the case, choose actual stone, not faux stone.

There are some floors on this forum that are highlights of a space - like Angie_DIY's - but it's hard to pull off gracefully, and once done, bs choice can be a pain. If you're keeping your bs as is that will help.

This is grey slate from Daltile that sells at HD for less than $5/sf.

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I agree with everything Island said.

Did I mention it took us 6 months to find floor tile? We went to several showrooms in Portland OR with our counter and cabinet samples and let the salespeople show us some ideas. We wasted a lot of time trying to go too contemporary because we had a solid colored quartz countertop. I also don't like the faux Tuscan/Old World look. But we ended up with a limestone/travertine style.

With your dark cabinets and countertop, I'd find something even lighter than the floor you have now, but not a solid ceramic. Our tile is Daltile Florenza 'Sabbia'-- it has bronzey squiggly lines, light gray, soft gold, and even a little gray-green. Because it has a variation of 4, we have some solid-looking tiles too, which make the floor look yellow. But it looks perfect with the countertop.

There's another Daltile Florenza called 'Olivia' that's darker and might work for you. I haven't seen it, and it looks a little brown on their website, but then ours looks a little pink and also in our photos. But it's not.

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I am loving that Vesale Stone-Marzaai tile in Moss posted earlier by rovo. So pretty! Nice soft color to compliment the rest of the kitchen.

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