copper or fireclay farm sink for my busy family

waterpondgalFebruary 19, 2013

I'm wanting to know which is the lowest maintenance. I have small kids and do not want to have to worry about cracking or coloring the sink. Iwant the white sink but just unsure.... I've always had stainless steel said never had to worry about the breaking of dishes

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Fireclay sinks may crack if you poor boiling water into them on a cold morning or if the garbage disposal is installed incorrectly.

It can chip if you drop something heavy like cast iron cookware. It can stain if you let foods with a propensity to stain sit on the floor of the sink for an extended period of time.

If you get a cheap copper sink, particularly one from India,China,or Mexico, then it may require you to dry after use or to wax it from time to time. If you get a finish other than a natural unvarnished patina inside the sink it may permanently scratch or discolor.

If you get a good Copper sink with a natural patina finish on the inside the only real downside is that acidic foods will clean the patina and it will look uneven until the sink patinas over in a week or two. It does not show water spots or have permanent scratches like stainless steel. Any scratch will patina over in a week or two.

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