Went into the landfill that is my sons' bedroom

mommabirdFebruary 21, 2010

My younger 2 sons share a bedroom. Middle son (older of the sharers) was out of town this weekend, so DH#3 (younger of the sharers) dove deep into the landfill! 4 large lawn-n-leaf bags removed - 2 of trash, 2 of donations. We're only have 1/2 way done but it's a noticable improvement.

We didn't even touch any of middle son's stuff - most of the trash and the donations are stuff DS#3 has outgrown but never bothered to deal with until now.

Next weekend - another dive into the dump and this time it's to get rid of middle son's junk! Middle son was really glad his room looked so great when he got back today.

I'm trying to train them that they can't organize junk, it has to go first and then they can organize the "treasures" left.

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Good Luck, you're gonna need it if you plan to train them. Been there done that..gave up

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Both DSs were playing "ski/skate" in their room today - running and sliding on the hardwood floor in their wool socks. The game was inspiried by the Olympics.

This would not have been possible last week - they would not have been able to find the floor. Both like the new, improved room!

Youngest DS even sorted books and picked out a big stack to give to our friends who have a 2 yr old boy. He's finally letting go of picture books, now that he's 10.

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Having had 4 sons, and one still at home, I can sympathise. I don't fight it like I used to. The other 3 grew up, married and have well kept homes and fussy wives, so I figure I won't drive myself up the wall with no. 4. However......
sometimes it does just get too much, and I don't need a slum room in my home.
What we are planning for him as a birthday treat is to do a surpise room make over for him when he's at work.
His brothers, SIL's and DH and me....
Someone will video it like a TV show, and we'll have delegated jobs, like "cleaner", "clothing and laundry", "decorator" etc. His girlfriend will be on hand too, so she can handle anything personal like his desk and love notes etc.. we don't want to invade his privacy, but he won't mind her cleaning up his personal paperwork because most of it is from her anyway.
Well, we hope to turn an awful job into a few hours of family hysteria and fun, then give him the video of the whole process as part of the gift. We even have DH on hand as the "hardware" expert to put up cork board and do repairs etc.

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You want to hope most of it is from her anyway...!


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Lilydilly, how did that turn out? Sounds like a lot of fun.

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