February organizing challenge #1

mommabirdFebruary 15, 2013

Sorry this is so late in the month. I have been stripping and repairing my bathroom vanity this month and am only 1/2 done. This leads to the first Feb challenge: clean out the cabinet and drawers of your main bathroom's vanity.

Because I have to repair the drawers I am faced with how much useless stuff was in the drawers! I took it all out and put it in a big laundry basket. In 2 weeks I have only removed 3 items. So, tomorrow, the rest goes to Goodwill. I already culled out items to throw away.

Now you do it, too.

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Yesterday, I was about to change the cat litter box out. I went to the cabinet in that bathroom to check on supply inventory, and was greeted by a major leak. Looked like it had been a minor drip for a while, but had apparently gotten worse. Huge mess...

Anyway, needless to say, that vanity got a cleaning. And to be honest, most of what was in the back of the cabinet was 15 year old expired stuff.

Since that leak did some long-term damage, we will go ahead and use the surprise plumbing job to do the remodel we have postponed.

Your challenge is a worthy one!!!! After what I saw down there, I will definitely find similar clutter in the upstairs baths!!!

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OK, I'm in!

My big problem is that I now work at a place that gets lots of freebie beauty products and other toiletries. So there are way too many of those.

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I once grabbed all my samples and freebies, put them in a box and gave to a local women's charity. They were happy to have some "luxuries" for the women they help. I'm cleaning 2 rooms today because the carpet guys are coming tomorrow1

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I have console sinks in both bathrooms so no cabinets underneath. My medicine cabinets are gone through a couple times a month just because I don't have much storeage so no extra clutter.

But, I do have a huge kitchen cabinet that is over 36 inches deep in my kitchen- it is over the basement stairs. It is full of various serving dishes and bowls. I lack enough storeage in the kitchen as it is. Anyway, it is a jumbled mess. That will be my challenge this week and next, to organize it. It has been on the to do list for a while. Just have to figure out where to put the overflow that makes sense.

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One of my favorite organizing tasks is "consolidation". I did a massive consolidation several years ago and shared it on this forum.

Going through my bathrooms and nightstands, I found hundreds of products from moisturizers to hair products not to mention the hotel samples from traveling with my job. I looked for the largest containers I had to consolidate like products. If it wasn't a "magic bullet" product I consolidated it. I even emptied tubes of products with more liquid products then shook them to mix.

All this goes towards my 401K as I figure that I won't have to buy certain beauty and household cleaning products for many years.

Sample of moisturizer consolidation:

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RE: Consolidation. I consolidated the little free beauty products (the ones worth keeping) into one of the free makeup bags the freebies usually come with. I kept one or two extra bags for travel. The rest went to the charity pile.

This way, I organized the freebies, and put one of the bags to good use.

The system has been working for about 3 years now. Prior to this, every time I would try and recall where I put the little face cream tube, I could not find it. Now, when one runs out, I can grab the next. I like using things up!!! It feels gratifying.

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For years I traveled with my job and collected a lot of the hotel miniatures. When I had a substantial number of items, I donated them. One of my colleagues who volunteered at the shelter I donated to told me that the "clients" didn't like them as they felt their lives were "temporary". I was shocked to hear my donations were considered insensitive.

I have been keeping all the freebies in a large decorative jar in the guest bathroom.

I'm with you, I love using up something. I have changed my purchasing habits so one down, one less piece of clutter.

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I spent all day yesterday in the spare bedroom/office/what have you, weeding out recipes. My 3 inch loose leaf recipe book had become overwhelming and heavy. Lots of "What was I thinking" recipes made it to the trash, as well as some that I know I won't be using again. The loose ones I put in plastic sleeves and removed the ones that were on the sticky cardboard photo pages and put them into sleeves also. They are in categories, and weigh much less :-)

That was one of my winter goals. Next will be photos. I re-did albums and gave to my sons, then started getting rid of a lot of other photos, which they don't want. That project I started last year and hope to finish before spring.

I pretty much stay on top of kitchen and bath organizing, so no big projects there, for now :-)

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Don't take the hotel freebies!

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I don't take them any longer, I did originally to donate to shelters. I even carried a stash in the car to hand out to folks soliciting on the medians in the roadway. I was told that was demeaning!! My bad, just trying to help folks.

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Susan..what's the reasoning behind not taking the hotel freebies? Some of them are almost normal size, and if you use some of the bottle, can't you take the remainder?

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