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maddiemom6February 7, 2006

Well before all this mess with my dad I had gone out to find a family command center... a piece of furniture.. I found it and some day I might get it funcitonal and ready to show off! For now in my random moments or while doing the dull work of putting down flooring I think about how I want it to function. It's a bit over six feet tall, the top half is two doors and in that area there are three shelves, there is then a large drawer and then the bottom doors and in there there is one shelf..



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Family calendar, message center (line doors with cork)
charger station for cell phones, etc.
phone, answering machine, pencils and note paper for messages.
Place for envelopes, stamps, etc.
Storage for batteries
Storage for a small hammer, screwdriver. etc so you don't need the big tool chest.

Space reserved to items that need to go somewhere. Library books, movie rentals.

Somehow a place for everyone to know who, what and where everyone else is or what needs to be done. A place that you can leave a note taped when you run out the door.


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bins on the lower shelves to hold stuff that's supposed to go to grandma's, or church (label them).

I like the batteries/tape idea. Envelopes (for notes to the kid's teacher, or for sending money to school).

Now I may have to revise some things in my place to echo this...

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Scissors. I think there should be a pair in every room!
Is this where you will be keeping your computer?
A box with greeting cards and a calendar with birthdays, anniversaries, etc. on it.
A cup hook in the corner with a spare set of keys.
Can't think of anything else right now!

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I have no mudroom, so something like that in my house might have room for boots & gloves.

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