Real brick floor sealer recommendations pls

jterrilynnApril 11, 2011

Hi, my husband and I bought some thin brick seconds on craigslist for the back patio and front porch. We were lucky in that they match our paver driveway. The porch and the patio are under roof but not enclosed and are concrete floored. I do not want grout so we are exploring options for laying the brick. One of my main concerns is making the brick a little easier maintenance cleaning wise. We live in the country and have big dogs with big dirty feet. I like the wet look brick and am wondering if there is a sealer that would make hosing or washing beast tracks off easier. Having had interior Mexican tile in other homes, I know that not all sealers are created equal and we would like to buy the right one for the brick. There does not appear to be any old sealer on our second's brick. We want to apply the sealer ourselves as this is a DIY project.

I have posted here instead of porch/ patio/deck because there seems to be more action and good knowledge over here.

Anyone have recommendations for wet look sealers accessible to homeowners for brick?

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"Anyone have recommendations for wet look sealers accessible to homeowners for brick? "

---- Try Behr Wet-Look Sealer... I've used it and it looks fantastic.

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