Have demoed walls, now thinking of building in a new closet

raehelenFebruary 10, 2008

Not quite sure which forum this belongs in. I have been frequenting the kitchen forum (way too much! :>), and now that our kitchen reno is winding down, we have begun demoing the Master Bedroom/Bath.

However, DH says there's just not enough money to do the originally hoped for addition which would have turned our present bath into a walk-in closet. We just have a 76" closet (though organized to use every available square inch), and I find there really is not enough room in there to house all our clothes- so a good portion end up on the valets and piled on shelves in the bathroom.

I am thinking of building (in 3 units that could later be removed if we end up doing addition later or for resale) a 9 foot long closet along one of the long walls, bedroom is 14 X 12.7, with the door just inches from one end, so there is a long uninterrupted run- we can easily even move the one wallplug a few inches to just under the lightswitch. If I make the units 24" deep, the room where the bed is will only be ~ 10 and a half feet wide, but still enough room for our Queen-size and two built in (basically open boxes on the walls) night stands with built in lamps.

But, then I can eliminate my writing desk and two mismatched end tables which are beside the bed now. I can move my antique dresser to between present closet and bathroom door (just fits) and then eliminate massive highboy which is now there now.

So, I am actually leaving less of a footprint on the bedroom than I have now- cuz I could also get rid of the bench that is at the foot of the bed that holds all the pillows that come off each night (and not very well, as some always fall to floor! :>) And the low antique dresser between the closet and bathroom will be far less obtrusive than the highboy...

Can you think of anything that I'm missing? I'm getting quite excited that I may have finally figured out the answer to a problem I've had in here for over 11 years- just NOT enough room to put all the clothes!

I'm thinking of making them about 90" high and finishing to ceiling with crown molding. Shelf cupboard would have four ~45"high doors, and the two rod units would have two ~45"high doors and four drawers each.

My paper wasn't very big, so my sketch doesn't include the whole length of the room, or closet and bathroom.

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Your idea looks very workable. Let me make a cautionery comment, however. Before you build to accommodate your wardrobes, I encourage you to go through them and make sure you're not keeping stuff that should be purged. Things that don't fit, need repair, are out of style, the wrong color, all can find homes elsewhere. If, however, you have done that, then yes, this plan looks good.

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Thanks bspofford,

I have been decluttering with a vengence for the past five years. The reno has been good for that, cuz not only do I get a chance to go through everything with a fine tooth comb when I pack it up, I am even more ruthless before it gets back into the new and improved space!

And, when I packed up the Master closet (tiny though it is), I found two new bathing suits, a nightie and a T-shirt still in the bag, that had fallen out of sight. Thought I had imagined buying them when I spent months fruitlessly looking for them! I am so looking forward to having the space that things won't have to be so crammed anymore!

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