Paint for 'modern' Utility Cabinets

digitApril 3, 2010

I made the mistake of mixing new and old . . .

It would be nice to have a period utility room, to match my 110 year-old home and its quaint but useful kitchen. However, I think the original utility room (which probably had the most rudimentary of fixtures and storage) is where a bathroom is now and the current utility room was retrofitted in about 40-50 years ago.

Anyway, I moved some cabinets in to help with storage. Two cabinets are used but look real good, a nice, bright white finish. The problem is a new, cheap corner cabinet and some simple little shelving.

The corner cabinet was scuffed up setting it in place. This "cheap" cabinet cost me over $300. Everything is white but the new stuff isn't as nice a white as the older, used cabinets.

Got my gallon of white, semi-gloss paint and set to work. The paint pulled together like water on a piece of glass!!!

I immediately cleaned all the paint off.

What is this plastic "stuff" on these shelves and corner cabinet? More importantly, is there some kind of paint or treatment that will permit a new finish on, what looks to me like, some kind of plastic veneer?

I would appreciate some help and did take time for searching THS, but came up with nothing . . .


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I hope someone else who has DONE such a project will come to your aid.

All I can offer is the information that KRYLON makes a paint which can go on plastic stuff. Like painting those plastic lawn chairs etc. I know their paint can be found in spray cans at just about every hardware store in the country.

However, the particular paint that YOU need will specify that it sticks to plastic.
There is also a paint which can be used on laminate counter tops, which might be the sort of plastic you are dealing with. For that, I recommend you talk to a paint specialist in a real paint store, not just a new-hire clerk fresh on the job.

Just be sure to read the labels carefully before you sink a lot of money into more paint. And good luck.

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Thank you, Moccasinlanding.

I had hoped to make the new cabinet/shelves match the old cabinets, colorwise. . . . Well, I just had an idea!

Perhaps a Krylon paint could go on 1st and the gloss interior paint, 2nd.

My original plan was to paint ALL the cabinets! I have already used this white paint on an existing cabinet. The used ones look fine but they are slightly different white. And, it's the new junk that really looks off, off-white (& scuffed).

Yeah, I need to talk to a "real paint store" guy. I thought I was doing that when I bought the paint. But immediately, I was turned over to the shuffling 19 year-old.


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