Shower Dispenser

kittiemomFebruary 5, 2006

I had been wanting a shower dispenser for a while, so DH & I finally bought one. It has four dispensers in it, a soap dish & a shelf on top. We love it! It has reduced the clutter in the shower a lot & it is so convenient.

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I'd kind of like to have one, but right now I don't want to pout holes in the shower wall (we're supposed to be selling out apt, if we ever get it spiffed up enough)

I wonder if I can find a suction-cup one, bcs the Swanstone tub surround ought to hold it pretty well.*

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Talley Sue:

Mine came with suction cups & a hanger to hang over the showerhead. It also came with a tube of silicone adhesive. We attached ours using the adhesive. The instructions said if you wanted to remove it, just run a knife through the adhesive & then you could clean the silicone off the walls like caulk. I'm not drilling holes in my tile! It's called a Shower Caddy Dispenser. The link below is the exact one I got, but we bought ours at Home Depot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower Dispenser

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kittiemom, thanks for the extra info--I did see, when I went searching after seeing your post, that most of them can be installed w/ silicone adhesive.

I think I'm gonna get me one.

I kind of like yours, bcs I could stash the bar soap(s) there as well. But I also saw one w/ doors, which I kind of like for "visual calm"; I just don't know if I can put the soap inside the compartments. It doesn't really look like it, though i suppose I could get a soap dish to elevate it.

I guess I need to think about how many compartments I need. DH & I share a shampoo, but DD has her own. Then there's the face gunk I use, which *could* go in one of the compartments. I don't really use bath gel; we usu. stick to bar soap.

Thanks for the encouragement, and the link to yours.

Do your buttons work pretty well? Do they seem sturdy enough?

Here is a link that might be useful: one w/ doors.

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Talley Sue, I like the one with doors too. I'm not sure about putting the soap in there, but you could get a separate soap dish. I wonder just how much would fit in the areas with doors?

I started to get a three-compartment one, but DH thought the four would be better. We don't share shampoo, so that fills two of them. I use shower gel, so there's the third. We haven't decided what to put in the last one yet. DH usually uses bar soap, but there is a shower gel he uses sometimes & a conditioner he uses sometimes that we could put in the last compartment.

My buttons work fine. They're easy to push & put out a good amount. It seems sturdy enough - no problems so far.

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I have had the same 4 dispenser unit for 9 years and love it. I have shampoo, dandruff shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap. Several years ago, one of the push buttons broke. I contacted the company, they responded immediately with replacement pieces.

Recently I got the same brand with 3 dispensers at Big Lots for $9 for the guest bath.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower Dispenser

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The restaurant we went to tonight (no cooking, so no dirty dishes!) has the single pump installed by the sink, w/ hand soap.

I have a little bathroom that's crying out for one of those! There are old holes in the tile where a soap dish used to be mounted, but those are a major pain to keep clean. And the sink is tiny, so the SoftSoap pump keeps falling over.

That single one would cover the marks in the tile, AND make washing hands more orderly!

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I just wanted to say thanks for posting this. I had been thinking about getting a shower dispenser for a while (I used to have one I loved), but hadn't gotten around to it. I was getting tired of the mess in the shower, so I wound up ordering the one like kittiemom. I'm looking forward to getting this!

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Kittiemom, on yours: there's a shelf on the top, right, w/ ribs? And a soap dish w/ hooks on the bottom?

Is that shelf on the top angled slightly, so water will run off? I need somewhere to put the soap, and I'd rather have only one thing, but I cannot have any standing water. One appeal of the basic unit, w/o the shelf on top, is that the lid slopes so strongly.

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Talley Sue, sorry it took me so long. I haven't seen any standing water on the shelf so far; the dispenser is on the back wall of the shower, opposite the showerhead. I decided to experiment to see what would happen, so I poured water on it several times. It ran right right off. I haven't tried using it with soap, but I will do that & see how the soap holds up.

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Let me know, if you can--though I have one now. I had trouble deciding, and was going to just pick one on Wednesday--but on Sunday at church, we were collecting stuff for a rummage sale. What was in the pile? A set: a one-compartment and a three-compartment. I figured it was a sign from God, LOL, and asked if I could buy it in advance. I tried to talk her into charging me $10; she would only take $8.

But these will stay behind when we move, I figure, and they have a perfectly flat top. So I'm curious about the slope of that shelf, if you think to test it.

I put up the single in the little bathroom for hand soap--a Godsend, bcs the regular pump keeps falling off the teeny little sink we have in there. And there is a pair of holes in the wall from the old wall-mounted ceramic soap dish (which I won't use anymore bcs it just gets all disgusting w/ dissolving soap), and the dispenser completely covers it.

I wanted to put the three-compartment in the corner of the shower, but it won't quite fit; the new Swanstone tub surround has a molding strip to cover the corner joints, and it sticks out the teeniest bit too far.

And speaking of "opposite the shower head": I think the smartest thing I *ever* did in my bathroom (up until these dispensers) is installing a hook above the end wall opposite the shower head, and hanging that wire-shelf unit there instead of over the shower head itself. My soap lasts a TON longer now!

Of course, now I have this hook that we probably won't use, and I s'pose I ought to take it off, and spackle and paint the hole it leaves behind...sigh. Maybe not. My DH would kill me if I even brought it up.

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