Did anyone ever try the Smart Spin containers?

ericasjFebruary 11, 2005

I know there was an old thread on this, it kind of fell off the board.

It looks like for health reasons I'm going to have to start cooking from scratch more, and freezing things ahead. I already feel overrun with plastic containers, but I now I really need even more--or at least in more sizes. It would be a big help to have ones that would nest together and store well, as the Smart Spin ones are supposed to do.

Just wondered if they really work out well in practice. Is the "spinner" stable or does it tip over, etc.



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I've wondered about these also. On the commercial, they never mention freezing anything which makes me wonder if they are not supposed to be used in the freezer.

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Haven't tried these but the cheaper ones from the grocery store( ziplock, glad) break easily. I've dropped them with frozen food in them and the corners actually shatter. I try to look for the softer plastic ones.

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I have had them for a month. Good so far, I haven't found any problems. You can freeze and microwave. The unit spins easily and fits in a small space as advertised.

I figured that the investment was minimal and about the same as several packages of throw-aways if they turned out to be of lesser quality than expected.

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Mustangs, are they made of hard or soft plastic? Do you think these would shatter if dropped with frozen foods (my cheap supermarket ones have, just as artmom said)?

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Marie, I don't know. I just filled one with water and put it in the freezer. I will do the drop test tomorrow and let you know.

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I dropped the Smart Spin container filled with frozen water on the tiled floor from a distance of four feet. The container cracked on the corner.

Fortunately for me, until now, I have never dropped a frozen container before.

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Mustangs, I feel responsible for your loss. I hope you got the extra free set.

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I'm sorry too mustangs. Geeze! I guess I'm too clumsy with my frozen stuff.

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Please--no problem at all, it was funny! I did think that I was getting the extra set but I didn't. With just two of us, I won't use them all anyway so I didn't bother complaining.

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Oh, dear, I'm sorry too, even if you're not upset. But thanks for doing the experiment. I think I'm going to get some more Tupperware!


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I'm going to suggest two other directions.

Tilia Foodsavers.

Yes, they are overpriced fish tank pumps, but IMO (notice I left the H out) a vacuum sealed bag far outperforms containers by (1) removing freezer burning air and (2) better space efficiency in the freezer, especially if you package things flat. They have containers too, which I use for crushables like goldfish crackers.

I foodsaver stuff like cheese, nuts, dinner dishes with a meal already plated like spaghetti/meatballs with broccoli, soups (freeze first, then vacuum seal), bulk meats for future use, cooked squash or mango flesh for later use, etc. They sell them at Costco.

The other fun thing to do if you need to start making your own foods is canning. Not as hard as you think. The folks at the Harvest Forum are helpful. Start with chutneys, move onto jams, fruit butters, and you will be addicted. For the things I just mentioned you need very few pieces of equipment - you follow directions to sterilize the jars and process them when filled in boiling water for about 10 minutes.

Mustangs you are a riot.

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I cook a lot and I bring lunch to work. I also have limited storage facilities.

What has worked for me is getting two sizes of the Glad plastic containers -- the large square and the small square entree size. These nestle inside each other and I put the lids in a smaller basket.

I am pretty ruthless about keeping on top of it so that I don't have more lids than bottoms etc. I also ONLY buy one brand and like the square shape because it takes up less room in the freezer than round.

They do shatter but they are meant to be semi-disposable anyway. I buy on sale so I do think I get my money's worth by the time they have to be tossed. I also don't have to worry about forgetting some at work or tossing if they get too ooky from tomato stains.

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Jessy, I do keep my Tilia Foodsaver on the counter. But the Smart Spin is just another gadget so you know I had to have it! DH knows how to open a container but for some reason a foodsaver package stumps him. He thinks they are like time capsules, he has never opened one.

Have you seen the new hand held Tilia Foodsaver? I saw one at Target for $35. I am tempted.

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For those with foodsavers, can you tell me if the newer models will take the air out without having to hold the lid down the entire time. My very old model requires that I press down the entire time while trying to take the air out and it doesn't always work properly.

I am trying to cook and freeze these days and want to purchase a new foodsaver but I am hesitant to buy a new one if I have to hold it down the entire time.

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Marie, You hold the top down then engage a lock on each side so there is no need to hold it in place. It automatically unlocks when the procedure is complete. Mine is about 4 years old, I am sure there have been other upgrades since then...just don't tell me about them.

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We just bought a Foodsaver last summer. I just have to hold it down for a few seconds to get it started, then it locks itself & unlocks when it's done.

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