Have you ordered from HomeClick or Amazon?

quiltgirlFebruary 16, 2013

I have found the Kohler Whitehaven sink at several sites online, but the best price and with free shipping is from HomeClick. Amazon is a good price plus shipping. Has anyone used Homeclick? What is the policy with returns if the sink is damaged upon arrival. Once it is installed and you have problems, do these internet sites stand behind the product or is it a hassle to get things replaced?

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I almost used Homeclick for my Whitehaven but decided against it b/c it's a big item that's hard to send back and forth. Also, many sites charge restocking (you have to check). I AM a big online shopper but tried to avoid it with the kitchen remodel for big things.

What I did is send the price to my contact at Ferguson (which is local to us) and they did a price match. I told them I was going to order it online but wanted to give them the opportunity to match and they did! At first, They were going to charge me $750 for the 36" and told me that was with the builder's pricing and a great price. However they came down to about $550 with price match. (I don't have the number handy)

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PS- I love Amazon usually but some items come directly from them and others are from 3rd party sellers...

Regarding price matching-- I figure it never hurts to ask!

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Try build.com too. And don't take the price listed on their website as the price. Either call or do a live chat.

You might be amazed...

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2littlefishes, we have a plumbong store called Ferguson here in Wi. I will call for a price match. Price online is $824 plus shipping. Higher than youyour price.

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The cheapest reputable place I could find it from was Warehouse Discount Center for $707 with no tax and free shipping. That's the tall apron version.

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I got it for $555.90 but there was a site at the time (I THINK Homeclick?) that had it for that amount. You need to find a low price to match it to! : )

The lowest base price I see today is 692 or 707. Just google the model number and click on Shopping. I don't know if we're supposed to talk pricing on GW??

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If you buy directly from Amazon or if the sale is "fulfilled" by Amazon, you can return defective items directly to them and they'll pay the return shipping. If it's an amazon marketplace seller, then the return policy of the seller applies - you can check it out on the amazon webpage for the seller. Once you've received and accepted the item (amazon usually gives you 30 days), any problems are handled by the manufacturer's warranty.

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This is my 3rd Toto toilet ordered from homeclick and no problems. Nothing damaged so I can't speak for their return policy. I saved a lot,

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I have a kohler whitehaven from home click in my living room just waiting to be installed. I chose it because of the price and it came a little quicker than I expected and it was packed extremely well. They delivered it attached to a wooden pallet which they kept on it. Very happy with it.

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We had to return a tub from Homeclick and the return shipping and restocking fee really hurt!!

Having said that I think even Fergason have a restocking fee so there may be no escape on large items.

You MUST also inspect immediately. Two of our Toyo toilets from Home Click were broken (the boxes looked fine). We opened them all the way up and they were irreparably broken. Apparently you have a very short window to check (might have been 3 days). After that they're yours broken or not. I guess that's reasonable, but just a heads up.

Oh and they wouldn't take the broken ones back so we were left with having to dispose of two broken toilets. The guy on the phone was like 'just discard them'. Like they were paper bags not huge, heavy monsters! Lol.

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What Weismann said. I love Amazon, but I only use them for products fulfilled by Amazon.

I have Amazon Prime and I get my money's worth.

I would not hesitate to use Amazon.

No experience with Homeclick.

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We bought our Siligranite sink from Amazon and it came packed very well and had no issues. We also purchased our Microwave Drawer and Warming Drawer from AJ Madison and had zero issues as well. (They carry sinks too.)

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I ordered from ExpressDecor and unfortunately, my first sink arrive with with some flaws in the stainless steel (apron front sink). I called them immediately and they were VERY accommodating and promptly shipped me out a new sink which has already come and is fine.

However, they didn't include a prepaid return label that they said they would, so I have two sinks sitting in my living room floor :) I've emailed them about that but haven't heard.....maybe they'll let me keep it!

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Have ordered from both HomeClick and Amazon, positive experiences except when you have to return stuff. Saved money with HomeClick in particular, don't remember their shipping being particularly speedy or delayed.

HomePerfect usually has better prices still, but they're VERY slow shippers. I also had a major issue with them charging the whole order, shipping a partial order, then telling me the order was complete. The worst part was the piece they failed to ship was the MAIN kitchen sink! With a few e-mails and phone calls, they shipped me the sink. I'm an optimist and a gambler, so I would deal with them again for the right amount of savings, but most would do best to stay away. :)

Ferguson is everywhere, so that sounds like a great option. I was not aware they did price matches. Great tip!!!

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robo (z6a)

I'm in Canada and am crazy about online shopping since selection in my parts is meh to dire.

I order frequently from the American Amazon site! Love it! I got all my doorknobs there, still less than half what I would pay around here. I had to return a doorknob and the process was painless except I was on the hook for some of the return shipping.

Have ordered many times from O.co and very satisfied. Got some floor and wall tile through them.

Have ordered a few times from 1stoplighting's Canadian version, canadalightingexperts. Pretty satisfied. Have not yet had a return to them. Did order one item that is permanently out of stock and to this day it is still on their website -- but they did notify me quickly and gave me a 10% coupon for a reorder.

I see build.com now has a Canadian site...things are looking up up here!

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