Replacing Siding and Windows

oldradio99April 17, 2014

This project started last year and we got so confused over window options, we postponed over the winter and started again this Spring. In the meantime we had some hail damage whch the insurance compnay paid for so now we are going to do a full siding and replacement window project. The windows will be full frame replacements since the siding is coming off. The house is a two story.

There are a total of 6 45x72 sliders, a 60x60 slider, a smaller kitchen window and a 5 panel bow. We are stuck staying with sliders due to egress codes.

We have interviewed 4 contractors:

Contractor 1 - proposed Royal Woodland Siding. For windows he proposed Polaris for the regular windows and a Pello for the bow window.

Contractor 2 - Proposed Mastic Quest for siding and Vanguard for Windows.

Contractor 3 - Also proposed Mastic Quest and Simonton 5500 for windows including the bow.

Contractor 4 - proposed Alside sidiing and a private branded window ebuilt by Alside and equivalent to the Ultamax.

All the siding is .046 and is the top or near the top of the line.

All 4 vendors have great reviews and references and I am comfortable with any of them (maybe less so with #2).

One thing that seems to throw them all for a loop is we want white outside and tan insides on the windows and the bow to be wood or appear to be wood.

Here are my concerns / thoughts.

1. I seems to be OK between Alside and Mastic Quest siding.

2. Simonton 5500 Reflections may be too low in the food chain.

3. A private branded window built by Alside which seems to take the best of all teh Alside windows.

What do you all think?


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Ask them how they detail flashing.

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Well I leanred to today that Alside siding is more prone to fading than Quest. And of all the windows the Sunrise Vangurad seems to rate the best. But that vendor is proposing a Anderson 400 bow which I do not think I am crazy about.

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Andersen 400 series any day of the week before anything Pella.

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Thanks. After reading many window reviews it wil never be anything Pella.

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Pella changed their product, so old reviews are useless. My biggest complant about pella is that the triple glazed window with integrated blinds is too darn heavy to tilt the sash and clean, making this function unusable.

I have marvin now, had pella in an old home, and the hardware and construction of pella is much better, but the marvin ones have a nicer profile and more glass for the opening size. they are much lighter, too.

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detroit what exactly have they changed?

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Good point Treb.

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