Artmom? Where are you!!

bouncingpigFebruary 23, 2006

Hi Betsy,

I hope you read this. My internet switched and I didn't get my old emails saved. I know . . . that would be far too organized. So anyway, I don't have your email. Please email me from this site, as they have my updated info. I really haven't been ignoring you, so I hope you didn't think I was. Anyway, I'd love to talk and find out how you are so email me!



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hey y'all!!! I've had so much trouble signing on. I had to go to an updated version of safari to get here. I've been trying to get on here for a couple of months, GRRRR!!! I've been reading and wishing to post. Decided this morning that I would do whatever it takes to get on here. I'm now working full time at Home Depot and am finding I am making more $ at one job than I was as 7 others. More organization of my time, yaa! Gotta run for now but will post more later, I missed all of you.

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Hi Betsy! Good to hear from you & glad you're doing well. Not many people use Safari - are you using a Mac computer?

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Hey, Betsy--my dad is a Home Depot guy. He has a great time; it's the perfect "retirement" job for him. He's really proud of working for them. I know some customers get grumpy, etc., but he's very happy.

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Thanks all, yes it's a mac, becauseof the artwork my dh does we need it. TS I love Home Depot so far. It's a challenge, we have to know so much. We are constantly taking classes and having meetings. It's funny but I thought I knew a lot about hardware but it's amazing how much I don't know about electric, garden, carpet...Working full time is a whole new challenge. Haven't done it since before the kids.Egad I'm old! I'll tell you what though, if it hadn't been for this forum and all of you, life would be unbearable right now. It's so nice to have my house in order, know where things are, no chaos, and even laundry is done sometimes.LOL

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Betsy, so now maybe you can come teach me how not to kill my houseplants!!! I can't get ANYTHING to live any more!!! (i killed the last one in under 10 days).

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