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bouncingpigFebruary 23, 2006

Things have been a whirlwind here lately which is why you have't seen me around. Our first issue of "The Spokane Real Estate Guide" hits the stands March 10th. In the meantime DH and I have been in Seattle for training, have spent countless hours learning new programs, equipment, etc. and have learned our new "jobs." I did end up hiring an artist to do the pages. Everyone thought that was odd, since my degree is in graphic design, but I find layout & paste-up very boring. Plus, I discovered my job (Basically I am the laison between the client and the artist) is very time consuming. I spend hours proofing, sending photos, proofs, etc. I am constantly either on the phone or at the computer. And what is really cool is I love it! I get a lot of interaction with people (mostly via computer and phone) so I enjoy that part. DH does the sales, so he sees the real people. We have to hand place about 500 racks in grocery stores, restaurants, etc. between now and March 10 too.

Added to our new venture, DH is still working full time as a paramedic supervisor and also playing in the symphony.

My antique show is coming up April 7 & 8. I have had a hard time spending the time I need doing it. I have about half the vendors I need so far, so I better start making some efforts here. At least all the artwork was created last fall when I did my first show, so now it is just changing dates on all the advertising, contracts, etc. We are still lining up bluegrass bands and food vendors.

I still have a booth in a local antique mall, but have only been re-stocking once a week with things I have on hand. After the antique show, hopefully I spend a bit more time on this.

I haven't been selling much on ebay, as there isn't really time. I hope once my "new job" gets smoother, I will have more time for this.

In the meantime we are still trying to homeschool the kids and keep our home somewhat organized. We are going to hire my MIL (the one still in town, as I have 2 MILs) to clean and do laundry once a week, so that will help a bit. She is easy to have around and not invasive and judgemental like some other relatives. We will pay her going wages, so she is pleased. The sooner she comes the better! The kids have helped out a lot lately. We have been giving them a better allowance, but in doing so, we have upped the responsibility level a lot.

Things are insane as usual, but I am coming to realize I like it that way. I think I thrive on busyness and chaos. I think I am a major type A. But accepting that I am has made it easier to just embrace it and make the needed changes . . . such as hiring my MIL and stocking up on incredibly easy dinners. Anyway, just checking in!


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Wow, Brenda! How can one person do so much? And homeschool, too? How do you have time to do it all? (This is a genuine question, not sarcasm.)

Nice to see you back on the forum! We've missed you!


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I'm glad you hired a designer to do the nuts-and-bolts work--and that you've defined the scope of your job.

Best of luck, and don't stay away quite to long next time. We miss you when you're gone.

Actually, you're really Type A-. A *true* Type A would *never* hire someone else to clean, and she wouldn't believe in "incredibly easy dinners."

One of the smartest lessons my mom taught me was not to fight things you can't win against--like your Type A-ness. Plan around it instead. I preach that at my job all the time: Don't tell me what you think I want to hear; don't be anything but starkly honest about what you can and can't do. Then I can make plans that will WORK.

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Brenda, just hearing about all that you're doing makes me tired, LOL! You have so much energy. It sounds like you're enjoying what you're doing, which is wonderful. So glad to hear from you. Please post again when you have some "free" time.

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Deadline for our first book is today. I am just waiting for the artist to send me the final PDFs and then I send them to print. It is exciting. But, don't be too impressed with my energy. I think as soon as this is done today I am going to majorly crash for about 12 hours! LOL! Talley Sue, I guess I will accept being a type A -, though I never am happy unless everything I do is A+! LOL! But seriously, finding my limits and farming out the rest is by far what works the best. As much as I like ebay, I think it is going to be gone for quite a while. It is just too much.

Unfortunately my MIL hasn't been able to start cleaning for us, because of a sick relative that is consuming all her attention right now. They are in ICU, and so she is there all the time. I certainly understand, but my messy house doesn't! Between e-mails and phone calls today I have been playing "24 pick up", doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen. It is amazing the difference just a few minutes here and there makes. It's still messy, but it doesn't look like the after-math of a terrorist attack either, so I can live with it! I am just taking a few minutes now for my "late lunch" to grab my senses and chat with you all! Thanks for the encouragement. Things really are good. Just busy.


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