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CorInduApril 6, 2011

Upon removing drywall in our 1920's house we came upon two airs ducts, one for hot air and the other for cold air return. We think the ducts have asbestos paper layered over the them. Nothing has been disturbed, and we're re-drywalling but we'd like to seal or cover the ducts before the drywall. Some have suggested a vapour barrier and/or some sort of spray sealant. Has anyone encountered this situation?

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I've tossed out lots of these with no precautions. Unfortunately before I realized how deadly they can be. Just because the mesoliothema can be 30 years away, don't ignore it. Get a pro's advice on encapsulation.

See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: EPA: Asbestos in Your Home

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If you can, post a pic. I don't know why a cold air return would be insulated with asbestos.

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I'm not an expert on this, but if the asbestos is completely enclosed in drywall, I don't see what the danger is.

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The danger is the possibility of the fibers getting into the air ducts. If the material is not labeled with a sticker you will need to have a sample tested. While you're at it have any old resilient floor tile or pipe insulation tested.

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