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kittiemomFebruary 25, 2005

This is slightly off-topic. I've posted in the Bathrooms forum, but wanted to get opinions from my buddies here. It does relate to organizing in a way. I want my organizing to help simplify a lot of areas of my life, including cleaning. So here goes: DH & I have been remodeling our bathroom. I had chosen a new faucet that I love long ago, making the decision to switch from brass to chrome. We went to Home Depot to get new doorknobs, but they didn't have any in the chrome finish. They did have brushed nickel & I told DH we'd try those. Once they were installed I began thinking about the finish. I'm wondering if the brushed finish would look nicer with regards to showing water spots. I've now begun really noticing the one at work & it shows them terribly. I have polished brass in the kitchen & it shows them really badly. I don't expect it to look perfect all the time, but I don't want something that always looks like it needs to be cleaned. I'm also beginning to look more at the bronze finish. Anyone have any experience with either of these finishes? Are they easier to keep clean & looking nice than the polished?


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Every house I've ever cleaned with brass fixtures looks awful. They get black marks that seem to seep in from the edges and look dirty. I think the brushed nickel would be beautiful and have a clean look to it all the time. I can't think water spots would show at all.

As far relating organizing to cleaning, that's why I try to organize, to make cleaning as easy as possible. We have allergies and I need to be able to breeze through the house as fast as possible to clean as often as possible. I really get a good laugh out of this now cause my house is topsy-turvy from all the projects and jobs we have going on.

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Not sure about brass, but the best way to clean chrome is with rubbing alcohol. You don't even have to dry. I do it every morning, as it takes only a few seconds.

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That's odd about the brushed nickel finish as my understanding is that it is very forgiving of spots unlike shiny surfaces such as brass, chrome and stainless steel which do show water spots.

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I have a kitchen faucet that is chrome AND and brushed finish (stainless, I think, but I don't remember).

They both show water spots.

I like the idea of keeping rubbing alcohol in the bathroom for a wipedown now and then. It's sure cheap enough!

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