spacing the tray dividers to store cookie sheets, cooling racks

talley_sue_nycFebruary 11, 2005

I haven't gotten all the organizing stuff into my cabinets.

I need to install the tray dividers over the fridge; the cookie sheets are making me nuts.

So this Saturday, I'm sending the kids to the park w/ DH, and getting out the drill.

I just need to decide how to space them.

Got any ideas? Here's what I own (and I'm not likely to add much to it, nor will I be getting rid of it, as I use it all, for different things)

2 big insulated cookie sheets (matching pair; edge is angled, so they can next together)

1 big aluminum cookie sheet (tad bigger than the other ones; different sort of lip, sharper angle; I don't want to next w/ those, I think)

1 mid-size rimmed baking sheet (rimmed on all 4 sizes, smaller than the other cookie sheets, but bigger than the little one, so I don't want to stash them together so the rims don't tangle it)

1 very small insulated cookie sheet (a little bit smaller than a piece of paper)

2 large cooling racks (nest these has been problematic in the past bcs I often only want one, and the little feet get them snagged; also, they can snag on the tray dividers themselves, since the dividers are wire. I'm thinking of interspersing them w/ the cookie sheets)

1 box that contains 3 stacking cooling racks (I don't use these daily, bcs I stash them in the box to keep them from tangling & flopping, but I do use them for big baking binges; the box itself is about the size of the midsize cookie sheet)

2 mid-size cutting boards (about the size of the rimmed cookie sheet)

The tangling of the wire cooling racks feet is the biggest problem; otherwise, there'd be no real problem.

I used to have tray dividers, and ran into the same problems. I don't know if I have enough--three, I think?

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I assume that the cabinet over your fridge is deep enough and has no vertical wooden piece in the middle. Or are you talking about putting everything on top of the fridge?

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Yes, the fridge cabinet is full depth, and there's no center stile. No frame, either--frameless cabinets. Whatever's leaning on the wall doesn't have to maneuver around very much to get out of the cabinet--just the hinges.

The cabinet is about 30 inches wide, maybe a bit more.

I don't want (nor do I expect to need to) this collection to go past the center point of the cabinet.

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well, here's how I spaced 'em.

One compartment is 3-3/4 inches, and the rest of 2-3/4 inches. I could have gone 1/4 inch smaller on all of them, but I wouldn't have wanted to go larger.

They don't hold too much, each of them, and the box of cooling racks sits just outside the dividers (leans on the last one, in fact).

So, it worked out.

And now, I get to THROW AWAY the box the tray dividers were in, which has been sitting around my house for many months.

I installed infrastructure AND decluttered, all at once!

And, I think now I can take the drill downstairs, because I've decided I'm not going to keep the wire pull-out (wrong size, doesn't do what I need), so I don't need to install it.

LOTS of decluttering.

Oh, and now that the shelf in this cabinet is higher (to make room for the cookie sheets), I can stand the wholesale-club jumbo boxes of cereal UP, and fit more of them in. We've nearly never had a place to stash these; now we do!

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Wow, Talley Sue, doesn't it feel great to declutter? With all the great advice you are always giving to everyone else, it doesn't surprise me that you ended up filling two separate needs.

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Good going TS! You used much more strategic planning than I thought to do.

I have two vertical divider systems, one (above the ovens) for serving trays and platters and one (base cabinet) for cookie sheets, etc. I spaced them at various intervals and adapt the muffin tins and two inch baking pans to the larger spaces and the cooking sheets to the others. Same with the platters, those with higher sides go in the 3 and 4 inch spaced.

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sometimes I think I should stop planning so strategically and just DO IT ALREADY!

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Lucky you Tally Sue to have a deep cupboard over your fridge. As mentioned I just turned my above the frideg cupboard into a glass fronted cupboard for pretty things since I can't reach it and it is too bothersome to drag out the stool all the time.

We do have a small walk in pantry and I just happened upon a vintage magazine stand. I was able to take out one divider and there you have it the perfect baking pan storage device. I was so happy to finally get something to work well and be cute at the same time. Course I only see it when I go in the pantry. But it is very handy to use.

Like you I think it is the little things we do that add up to big gains in space and our energy saving when we do not have to deal with the little hassles of tangled cooling rack feet. LOL Been there done that one too.


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cute at the same time. Course I only see it when I go in the pantry.

I like this kind of thing, actually--I think we should treat ourselves to visual beauty in our non-public spaces.

I just realized I should probably paint the inside of my triangular closet someday, and I think I'll paint it some pretty color, instead of white. Butter yellow, or pale pink.

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