oceannaFebruary 5, 2009

Sadly, I notice there is no Gallery on this board. What a shame.

Could you please post pictures of your favorite organized areas/projects? I would love to see and read about your miscellaneous ideas on how you neatened up and organized different areas of your homes. Thanks!

P.S. If you don't know how to post pictures, go to the URL below. Simply hit "Browse" and select your picture from your computer. Click "Upload." A new page will come up. The top link it lists for your picture can be sweep-copied right into your post. When you hit "Preview Message" your picture will show up if you did it right. No account is necessary to do this.

Here is a link that might be useful: To Post Pictures here

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Ok we'll try this. I had my sewing and crafting things all over and didn't have a place at which to sit and sew other than the dining room table, so I purchased this unit and now it not only houses my sewing machine and a lot of crafting stuff, but has elec outlet and has a pull out table for working on or cutting it to pieces

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well that seemed to work so I'll try another one. In our old house before our housefire, I had a 13' long wall of floor to ceiling shelves I had built in, but alas in the new house there was really no where to put a lot of my books. There was this 14' blank wall in the living room, so I searched until I could find a shelf unit to fit the room, and in November 2007 I bought it. Now I have a lot of my gardening books and some of my boxes and pottery items nearby where I can enjoy them. I totally love having things organized in here. Also there are 4 large drawers and I have throws and notebooks in those as well. I also bought a coffee table that has 2 drawers and 2 cabinets so now everything can be put away..I sit with my laptop on that table ..and that is where I am right now typing.

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We desperately needed storage in our bathrooms, organizing here was a matter of finding first aid when we needed it, etc. I had been looking at these cabinets at for a long time but couldn't justify the price, but finally I broke down and bought myself two of them, even though I wasn't thrilled with the finish, I loved the adjustable shelves, door shelves and hooks. I put one in each of our two bathrooms and I simply love having things put away behind a door. And yes, they do hold a lot of stuff...2 doors with 5 adjustable shelves plus 4 door shelves and a few hooks..

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We have a pantry closet around the corner from our kitchen, in the mudroom. Great space for all my things but when the doors are left open you can see it as you walk from the kitchen to the bathroom and to the living room. The kids were forever leaving the double doors open so the messy shelves had to go. I came up with this system where I covered boxes in fabric and labeled them with tags so the kids could find things easily. And on every other shelf I put a little curtain that is velcroed on and can esily be removed. Behind the curtains are my bread maker, popcorn maker, crockpot, wafflemaker, blender, Cuisinart and other assorted small applilances. One curtain shelf holds canned goods and onions and potatoes since the small boxed didn;t work well for that stuff. Now I don't care that the doors are left open anymore. Oh it was a NO-SEW project but Glue gun galore! I used all scrap fabric that I had so that was fun too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mudroom pantry closet

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wow that is absolutely beautiful chooch, what a lovely NO SEW very beautifully coordinated rock

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I had a shoe organizer & decided to organize some of my toddlers toys instead. If the toys are out all the time, they don't play w/ them as much.
I put 8 cup Glad containers in each slot(perfect fit). I use velcro on baggies to hang their finger puppets, seashells, & small animals. I also have magnetic toys on the old washer & dryer that my Dad wants to keep for a rainy day.

I have a craft room that I am in the process of trying to get organized.

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absolutely beautiful and i think you are the 2nd or 3rd person i've seen to use the glad storage containers like that..sure are cheaper than buyhing the "organizing" ones at several $ each..what a great idea..

you have some wonderful ideas, i love them..esp the toddler one and the wallhung one in the craft room, did you make that?

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You're right. They are less expensive, durable, & can always find more. I can also grab & take activities in the car because they have lids. I have 3 toddler sons.
My craftroom is a tribute to my little girl, everything pink. I have never parted w/ any of her things. So this is our room. She was everything girl. Her ribbons are hung on baskets, school pictures & homework framed, & sentimentals throughout the room.
The scrapbook shelf, I bought from Michaels. You can get coupons in the Sunday paper for 40% off. And the jars are cheaper in the back of the store than buying the ones that the scrapbook company offers.
Thank you for the compliments!

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i don't get the Michaels ad but i have avail to a store about an hour away, i'll check out the shelves when i'm there next time, prob in summer

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