Blasted floor registers; can I set bed over floor vent?

caroline94535January 20, 2010

I want to rearrange the master bedroom. I want to center the bed on the west wall, in front of a 48" window that looks out to the sunroom. I would add a long rod and cover the entire bed/nightstands area with drapes. This would completely cover the window and add a backdrop to the bed/headboard.

There is a heat vent, set in the floor and centered under the window. The headboard would be over the heat vent. The drapes would not touch the vent.

Is this a fire/safety hazzard?

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If by vent you mean a hot air vent, rather than a baseboard, there is no safety issue. But it will negatively affect the efficiency of the system.

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Not only will you be blocking the heat from warming up the room, but you will have a very, very dusty area under there. Could you get some sort of extension - a "duct" that you can connect to the register that would maybe carry the heat through the duct and out from under the bed, preferably the foot of the bed? I don't know if I'm explaining myself clearly.

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Thanks, folks.

Sue36 - It is a vent, not a baseboard, so I'm going to try duct extension. Right now my long dresser is over the vent, but the dresser is only 18" deep and had 8" tall legs.

SameBoat - The duct sounds like something I could do! I could run it out and under the nightstand and have it blowing toward the door that leads to the cold mudroom.

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Here you go:

vent extensions

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Yay! That's what I meant. Good luck and enjoy your new set-up!

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These are the ones I use for the same purpose, also from Improvements catalog.

I just wouldn't be storing much of anything under the bed.

Here is a link that might be useful: air deflector

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Les, I've never seen that kind of deflector. Neat. I wonder if HoDe or Lowes carries them?
Pammy I've used those before but not under a low piece of furniture. Do they work for that?

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