Added Benefits of Being Organized?

des_arc_ya_yaFebruary 23, 2006

Anybody experienced this? I've noticed that since I've cleaned and decluttered the biggest part of my closet I have "rediscovered" two pairs of shoes that I really like and hadn't being wearing. Also have started wearing a couple of tops and pant outfits that I hadn't thought to put together before. Kinda like getting "new" clothes for nothin'! LOL

By keeping my refrigerator cleaned out and better organized I can save money by utilizing the leftovers better and not letting them get shoved to the back and forgotten.

Man, I feel virtuous! Just wish I could achieve that feeling in a lot of other places around here! LOL

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Definately less food waste. Definately less money waste buying what I already have.

Found time and energy is my biggest benefit. I know where to find what I need. I know what's in the house, what needs replacing (as in worn out underwear), there's no frantically looking for needed items.

Since we now have a good maintainance system in place, the house takes no time to clean. Which leads to easier social interactions. Company or friends can come and it means no extra work.

It's kind of like manners for the house. Everyone else in the house knows where everything is and what to do with stuff. When I announce "room zoom" right before bedtime it takes my kids just a few minutes to make sure their items are put away and backpacks ready for the morning.

Time not spent chasing my tail...but doing what needs to be done and then plenty of time for what we want to do.


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I'm seeing the money and energy savings too.

The food saver thing for me is too plan the meals for 7-10 days at a time. I buy what I need and don't just have extras sitting around going bad. It means less random snacking too.

I got rid of several bags of toys a few weeks ago. The kids aren't throwing them in the floor and just leaving them. I'm getting up to a less messy house each morning. The toys are kept in the boys bedroom. I cleaned the bedroom up while I'm was at it and added shoe racks and any toys that didn't fit into the organizers or one toybox. DH made a deal with the boys that they each get $1 if their bedroom is clean at inspection on Wednesday night. So far, they've made $3 and are proudly picking up stuff that is in the floor. The stuff they drag out to the living room during the day can be cleaned up in less than 10 minutes.

I can almost have friends drop in without feeling embarrassed.

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So many benefits ------ having friends and family come in --- and be welcome.

Having time to spend really enjoying a magazine or book ---- and NOT hiding from "fixing another mess."

Finding things. A big plus for me. I hate not having items "when I need them." And searching for them --- wasting time and effort.

Cleaned out the kitchen cupboards the other day -- discovered a wonderful bottle of herbs. Made salmon. Cleaned out the fridge. Made lots of veggies. Opened a bottle of wine. Lovely dinner -- and terrific leftovers too! (and tidier cupboards and fridge)

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I love knowing what's for dinner each night - especially that I can tell the kids to "check the diary" when the dreaded "whats for dinner" questions keep coming :)

My finances are more organised, too, and that really keeps the spending in check!

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My planner definitely keeps me going. Even on the busy days I feel less stressed, just because everything is written down and nothing is forgotten.

And if someone asks me if I'm free on a certain day, I can give them an answer RIGHT THAT MINUTE and not have to call them back.

P.S. And if someone asks me do to something that I don't want to do, I can consult my planner and say No. LOL "Sorry, I'm not available that day" I say in my sweetest voice.

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It is a nice feeling to get rid of excess and find 'old' things you haven't used in a while! I did actually find a pair of shoes, last summer, that were buried under a pile of junk in my closet. Now I can wear them whenever i want!

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Well, as we are putting together everything for the taxes, I've got about twenty receipts for stuff I've donated - that will be a nice deduction!

Another big plus - when something bad happens (I get the flu, the power goes out, the fence falls down) I don't feel that it is the end of the world. We had a blackout the other night and I knew just where the flashlights, candles, and matches were. When I was so sick I couldn't move, all it meant was that the laundry hamper was full and the floors needed vaccuuming. Didn't need to worry.

Also, less shopping! I dislike shopping and used to go out with a vague sense that we needed stuff. Now I know exactly what we need and just get that.

I feel more calm, and when I'm more calm everyone's happier.

I keep thinking (hoping) that dd will grow up with a sense of order, and that it will stick with her throughout her life. That would be a real gift.

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I'm a long way from having a perfectly organized home, but I saw a study recently that claimed that children raised in a clean, organized home generally do better in school. I'm sure that there is truth to that, and what better benefit could come from having an organized home?


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Adona, I believe it. My kids are both smart, but they are SO disorganized and undisciplined (not finishing classwork in class) that it's strongly affecting their grades.

My home isn't the worst, but it's always a struggle for me.

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These are good.
When I'm organized, I'm on time without being a lunatic. That feels good.

I'm going to print these out, cut them out, and put them in places that will remind me why it's worth the effort.

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I'm so glad I read this thread. The benefits mentioned correspond exactly to my vision of being organized. I'm not totally there yet, but at least I know that my wish is not a pipe dream. Doesn't make life perfect, but oh so much easier to manage. I love the idea of not stressing if people drop by unannounced. Thanks for sharing, everyone. You inspire me.

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I have gone back to work full time and all my pre-organizing has helped so much. Now I have priorities, like, cooking , cleaning, shopping and laundry. I spend so much less time looking for things. I may never have to clean out my closet again if I take care of all my stuff and don't bring too much new stuff home.

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I can organize other things very well, outside of home. Even though I don't work, I do a lot of community/school stuff. When I take on a project, it's 110%. I keep it all together, papers in order, stay on top of the to do list. People will say "oh, that Stephanie, she is so organized!" They have no idea how limited it is.

I need to figure out how to move those skills to my own home. I don't seem to do so well when I'm not accountable to someone.

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Stephanie, until last year, I was the same way. Since I wasn't working for most of last year and it was the first time that all the kids were out of the house, I forced myself to spend the time organizing everything in the house.

My husband used to never believe that at work, my desk was always orderly, I was always organized and on top of things and most importantly, knew where every piece of paper was. At home, I'd be searching for hours for any paperwork.

At home, I organized everything by mine, DH's and product, such as map box, photo box, stationery, etc. It just made it easier for me.

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Check out Flylady at Her encouragement made a BIG difference for me!


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I just cleaned our bedroom, removed clutter, put away all laundry and jewelry, stripped the bed and flipped the mattress, put on clean mattress pad + sheets + blankets + duvet + pillow protectors and cases, dusted, vacuumed, washed curtains, cleaned mirror and dresser, and shelved books back in study.

Cannot wait til honey and I can enjoy it all tonight. I will be so focused! Added benefits for both of us.

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There are wonderful reminders here to encourage me to stay the course and don't give up on myself. I am now paying closer attention to Flylady, and it really makes a different, even if it only means adding one or two things to my day. Baby steps are the only ones that I can take now, life is so complicated that I never have time to dedicate to sweeping projects.

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Thanks for reviving this thread - it is truly inspirational and a joy to read.

One thing that puzzled me - how did Tuesday, March 12 come after Wednesday, March 13?!

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There is no "Wednesday, March 13" on this thread.

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Different year. . This is an old thread that was revived. March 12 is from 2013; March 13 is from 2006.

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