plaster bubbling

vm5171April 29, 2006

Three yrs ago we replastered our living room and bedroom. The West side of the lower internal wall and the front of the house have soft to hard bubbles that formed. It seems to be getting worse and worse. We have retuckpointed the exterior and water proofed the brick and the roof is about 4 yrs old. Also we are running a dehumidifier in the basement and it's dry. Note the walls are not insulated and it has 3 layers of plaster to the brick. What do I do????

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Well, it sounds like you might have to take the wall apart and find out where the water is coming from. Are there any windows in those walls? You didn't mention any, but if they are there, that is where I would expect the water to be getting in, not through the brick on the outerwall.

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Yes there is a window there...I did have that area tuck -pointed...window sills and also water proofed. Any thoughts?


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Water is geting in somewhere.
Keep looking.
Also make sire the window is caulked to the brick.

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Bubbled plaster can also be caused by a layer not being allowed to properly cure before putting the next layer on.

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And--I can't believe I forgot to include this in my previous message--probably the most common cause of bubbled plaster is lime that was not slaked sufficiently.

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At this point what would u do? I don't want to tear everything is still fairly new and most of the wall is in good shape.

Thank you for your help

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Actually - I lived in a building that was retucked and the process of tuck pointing allowed moisture through the walls enough to cause the walls to bubble.

I think that's a good chance that the moisture has come, transferred into the home and you're out of the woods.

I remember everyone had their walls reskimmed after the work was done and there were no new issues.

Keep a close eye on it, because water is super destructive, but if you can look from the basement check from below, water makes its way to the lowest point pretty easily and I would imagine that you'd be able to see more. Are you floors buckling?

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