Please help with appliance locations/layout

phillyfeetFebruary 24, 2014

We are finally getting closer to a start date for our addition/ renovation and i am having the worst time trying to decide on a layout. The pressure is on since we recently found out that we are expecting a baby this summer. So not only is there a definite time crunch, but my pregnancy brain is just not too sharp! I am posting the plan that our cabinet maker sent me, but honestly, i am not happy with it. I had another design from someone else that placed the fridge on the same run as the range on the long wall ( in line with the aisle between peninsula and island) and the wall oven, micro, pantry and refrig drawers on the wall where this plan shows the counter depth fridge, micro and pantry. My husband likes the location of the fridge in this plan better because he thinks there would be a problem getting past the open doors of the fridge even with the aisle opposite, but i'm not convinced. Here are my concerns:

1. location of wall ovens opposite peninsula- is there enough clearance to open oven and stand in front of it?

2. glassware closer to fridge - right now, the design has it in a weird spot at the end of the range run, no where near dishwasher, fridge, dining area

3. pull outs next to range - really don't think i want these cause i am so used to having my spices in upper cabinets and thinking i can fit oil and cutting boards under prep sink

4. no designated place for fridge drawers for extra drinks/ produce in this design- where could it go if i convince my husband it will be necessary for our soon to be family of 5. so worried that produce won't fit in those small counter depth fridge bins and we love our fruits and veggies
my architect also planned the aisle wider than what is shown between sink and island - there will be no wall under the overhang between posts so i can gain about 3-4 inches setting the cabinets back, but will lose some space in end cabinets due to posts.

As a point of reference, behind the half wall (where clean up sink is) will be addition of family room, the basement door is next to microwave, door to hallway leading to bedrooms is by basement door, area to left of peninsula will be wall with entrance from mudroom and a pantry closet. The dining room will be to the left of the family room.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer

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Sarah Richardson says:

"Double wall ovens are on the âÂÂnice to haveâ list if space and budget permit. My issue with them is that they generally steal precious counter space that could be better used for prep areas. But there is a solution ⦠instead of buying a double wall oven, buy two single ones and install them below the counter on either side of the cook top. This allows you to create a symmetrical layout with maximum counter space to spread out while you whip up a feast."

Example photo in link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Renovating An Older Home Yields Space and Beauty

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Thanks feisty- i'll take a look at that link, but i just realized i made a typo in my post - it is actually a single wall oven that i am putting in (in addition to a gas range). i know i wrote wall ovens.

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Sarah Richardson also recommends 36" clearance, so you should be good with the clearance shown in the diagram.

I really have trouble visualizing with floorplans like yours. I think it would help you to use Google sketchup or some other 3d software to see the room from different sightlines and to design around windows/doors/openings.

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maybe this will help - i have the 3d mock up of each wall. i'll post the range and fridge walls

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Fridge wall

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And just to add to the insanity- this is a 3d image from the original design with the fridge on same run as range

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Can anyone help make this space the most functional it can be? I'm seriously driving myself crazy. Why does it seem easier for me to see how to fix other people's layouts, but not my own?

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I don't think the appliance layout is bad, but I'm a little confused about your openings. What's to the left of the kitchen? It looks like the fridge is easy to access from family room (drinks and snacks); I don't know about dining room.

I agree with you about pullouts by the range. The 21" drawers shown would not be great for pots and pans; 30" would be pretty good.

So there are no uppers on the cleanup side? Will all your dishes go in drawers?

Speaking of drawers - many folks here (including me) would recommend drawers for all your base cabinets, unless you have a specific need for a cabinet instead.

A lot of people don't like an angled base cabinet, but I have one, and love it. Mine has a drawer above - in my kitchen, it's the perfect spot for a knife insert. My cabinets were custom built, though, so I could get whatever I wanted.

Good luck!

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thanks for replying. so so you think either layout would work with the appliance location?

i am posting a partial layout of the addition/reno to get an idea of where things are in relation to the kitchen. some things have been changed to the kichen layout, but the rest is the same.

you're right about the fridge being easy to reach from family room in one plan vs if it were on the same wall as range, then it would be easier to access from seating at peninsula and dining room. I want an undercounter fridge by the family room if we put the fridge on the range wall, but overall appliance budget will definitely be a factor with that decision.

there are no uppers by the clean up zone and i am not sure where i will put my dishes yet. right now, in my dysfunctional kitchen, glasses are above the dishwasher and dishes are on the other side of the kitchen. quite honestly, it's the least bothersome to me of all the things i dislike about the my kitchen. I did consider moving the clean up zone to that right wall (where fridge is in first layout) so i could have uppers by the sink and dedicated baking zone where the sink had been, but the KD talked me out of it.

i will definitely review the base cabinet configuration regarding drawers once i figure out where i want to store things and the size of some of my stuff.

i chose the angled cabinet in the corner because i was afraid people would bang up the cabinets if they didn't line up a hinged right angle door just right. that would irritate my husband. haven't ruled out corner drawers here instead of a lazy susan.

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