Resetting glass in old cabinet doors?

jlc102482April 16, 2012

I have a few glass front cabinet doors that either need a pane replaced or else need the existing pane reset because it's loose. I am not sure how to do this, because there is no molding on the inside of the door to keep the glass in place. The only thing keeping the glass in the door is some kind of glazing (?) that is very brittle and crumbling off. The doors are all about 100 years old.

What would be the best way to replace/reset the glass panes back into the doors? I want to make sure the glass stays in place even if the door is accidentally banged shut. Adhesive doesn't seem like it would be enough.

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Caulk and glazing points

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Not caulk, but glazing putty.

The way exterior windows have been done for a very long time (right up to the sealed gas units showed up).

Glazing putty is available in only a couple shades (brown and white being the moist common).

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Great, thank you!

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You may tint putty with colorant (like paint) or apply stain after is has skinned over (a few weeks time). Dap 33 takes stain pretty well.

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yes i did mean putty, I know quite a few people would use cle silicone as well

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Sorry, I am posting on an older forum, but for some reason, I cannot get the site to let me start a new message. So I am hoping I can get some opinions from everyone. I am refacing our cabinets and getting new doors. I thought it might look nice to get stained glass inserts for 2 of the doors. I've seen them done on both sides of the stove, and/or the sink. I don't want to overdo it, so I only wanted 2 doors in the glass. SInce the doors on either side of my stove are different sizes (one is very much narrower than the other) I decided against that. I thought I'd like to put them on either side of the sink, which is in front of a window. The only thing is, there is one cabinet to the right of the sink/window, and 2 cabinets to the left. Would it look odd to have the 2 doors on either side of the sink/window done in stained glass, but the 3rd door in wood? The doors I have selected are a raised panel light maple. All the cabinets, lower and upper are the same style. I am just concerned that the 3rd cabinet, with a wood door, might not look right next to the 2 stained glass doors. But I don't want to "overkill" the glass either. My kitchen is not that big, I just wanted 2 stained glass doors as a focal point, I think it would really dress the kitchen up. Thoughts?

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How about the two next to each other in glass.

Try over a kitchens for the experts.

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To the OP.........if the doors are taken off their hinges easily, and you haven't re-glazed before, you might find it easier to remove the doors and lay them flat to do it. That way, should the glass slide, it's not 'going anywhere'. It's not a hard job, but until you get the hang of it, the puttying isn't that easy to get a nice, smooth finish, and sometimes the points can be stubborn.

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