ideas to re-use a suitcase

jollyrdFebruary 5, 2013

I have a suitcase on two wheels that has served its purpose for over 10 years. It is slightly bigger than carry-on size. Fabric, dark green. Two compartments. It's wheels are broken, but the body is still strong, no tears at all, all zippers work great. I did not even realize it had a problem until someone noticed that there were black plastic pieces (plastic wheels falling apart) on the floor behind me.

So I don't want to donate it to anyone. I don't intend to use it for display/shaby display. What can I use it for? Or is it destined to be retired to the dump?

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Maybe your suitcase could be used for storage. Possibly for sweaters or seasonal items, like scarves and gloves. Or it could contain smaller travel totes, neck pillow, extra toiletries as sort of a Travel Accessory HQ.

Basically, you've got an extra storage box that can lie flat or stand on one end. The sky's the limit!

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I agree- use it for storing out-of-season clothes. I recently reorganized my bedroom closet. I actually had to buy a small shelf unit to store my sweaters and purses.

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actually, without legs or wheels, it might be really handy for storage! Especially if there isn't anything left sticking out on the end where they used to be.

I like the idea of using it to corral other smaller totes, etc.

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Hi. I just joined GW. On Pinterest there was a photo where they repurposed a suitcase to be a blackboard (it was done so the "blackboard" was centered on the side of the suitcase). The suitcase had been refinished in their choice of color. If you're in need of a blackboard, that was a clever idea.

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Sounds like the perfect storage for craft supplies.

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My old suitcases are used to store off-season blankets and sheets, fabric for quilting, camping gear or even smaller bags like duffels or soft backpacks.

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For those of you who use un-used suitcases for storage, how do you know the contents? What sort of labeling do you use? Do you inventory the contents and tape it to the outside? Do you use a hang-tag on the handle? Do you put anything in the suitcase for air freshening, like a dryer sheet?

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A luggage repair shop can probably replace the wheels at a reasonable cost, if the rest of the bag is in good shape.

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