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ellenjApril 18, 2005

Anyone put up an old fashioned tree swing? We just bought a house with a nice private back yard and a great looking Hemlock tree. Perfect for the kids to climb (hopefully no broken bones!). It looks like it would lend itself to a nice old fashioned swing. My kids are getting bigger and so are their friends, so it would have to hold up to 200lbs. Are they hard to put up and why don't I ever see them anymore? I could sit on one for an hour!

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We have a tree swing in our oak tree. The man who does our tree pruning put it in when my kids were younger--He did a great job, and he knows way more about how to safely install it than we do. My youngest is now 14, and he and his friends still use it. Always makes me smile when I see the younger neighborhood kids enjoying it--most of them have big, elaborate swingsets in their yards that I'm sure cost their parents a fortune, and here they are swinging from a rope and a circle of plywood.

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My FIL put one up when the kids were little. He made his out of a old tractor tire. He laid it on the side and then screwed in hooks for chain which I had him cover in plastic tubing so the kids fingers and hair wouldn't get caught in it. That thing provide fun not just for the kids but the grownups too.

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Just be SURE to inspect that branch very, very frquently. And research how that kind of tree does with stress loads. Our new neighbor's brother did this, and the limb split unexpectedly, and my neighbor's nephew is permanently brain-damaged. It was some kind of tree (can't remmeber what) which apparently splits more easily than you'd expect.

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" hemlock is relatively hard and is among the stronger western softwoods," according to a quick google. However, I'd rethink tieing into a Hemlock, unless you were really sure about the weight. Having said that, there's no better backyard toy than a tree swing.

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My husband went up to the care dealership and they gave him an old semi tire. He puts it up in a big old elm tree during the grandkids summer visit (I thin it's an elm tree?), and takes it down when they leave. They love it as you can see in the pictures.

As you can see in Picture #3, our foundation needs painting badly. The past two summers, it's been at the top of my to-do list, and it hasn't gotten done yet. This summer when the grandkids come, I think I'll put them all to work. They're big enough now, and they just might get a kick out of it. For awhile at least. I just need to decide on a color. Any ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Tree Swing

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Tuxedo gray? Deep charcoaly gray

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Tree swings should NEVER be put in fruit trees of any kind.

Chestnut trees are generally OK, as are most hardwoods.

Be sure to put a saddle over the top of the branch to keep the chain or rope from cutting into it and weakening it.

Most saddles I've seen are simply pieces of car tire cut with a reciprocating saw.

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Hemlock is an evergreen and all evergreens are considered softwoods. It may be one of the strongest of the softwoods but that is for lumber purposes. They make excellent beams but their branches still lack the strength to support much weight. They could snap without warning and for a kid swinging back and forth underneath one could suffer a serious injury. IMO, only hang a swing from a strong healthy tree that looses its leaves in the fall.

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I purchased a hand painted tire swing from a crafty co-worker - I enjoy its artistry and my 5 year old son loves the hours of fun. We hung it with 400 load rope just to be safe.

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