I've been in the bathroom all day...

marie26February 2, 2005

Organizing and throwing away stuff. I finally threw away practically everything I haven't touched in years, including over-the-counter tubes of medicines that expired as long ago as 2000. I just realized today that on most of them, the expiration date is at the bottom of the tube.

We are in a new house and have 2 cabinets below the sinks which are on either end of the counter and 3 drawers in the center. I organized everything in the drawers into small containers and now one of the under sink cabinets is empty and the other one is only 1/2 full.

Talley Sue, I used your inspiration of throwing out everything I've been passing over.

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Good going Maria. I thought that you were going to say that you were sick.

I have one drawer in my vanity that is the first aid drawer. All band aids, drops, ointments, etc, are the only things in that drawer. Now if I can get DH to remember that we have a "first aid" drawer, we are cooking with gas. I keep oral meds in the kitchen.

My challenge in the bathroom is that I have an inordinate number of hair products.

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hey, I'm glad I could help.

And thank you, bcs I'm gonna to get tough in MY bathroom cabinets today.

Mustangs, can you label that drawer? Even if you only label it for the few months it takes to train him.

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TS, I did label it with my PTouch in red letters. But the label is on the horizontal lip of the drawer. But he would have to approach the drawer on my side of the bathroom to see it. I guess I should take a que from the towel strategy and put the first aid drawer in his vanity. No--that won't work; I have looked in his vanity drawers before they are a nightmare.

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Congratulations! Boy this decluttering process is the best thing since "sliced bread". It's cheap, non-fattening and feels very cleansing. It even eliminates stress because you have less stuff to keep track of. I'm going to ask my husband if we can just spend our Friday nights decluttering instead of going to the movies from now on. You think he will understand? LOL


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This site is great. The whole time I was cleaning, I kept thinking about posting to let everyone know about my completing the bathroom.

So far this week, I've done all the drawers in my bedroom except for dh's nighttable drawers as well as the drawers in my credenza.

We moved into this place 1 month ago and I'm determined to finally get rid of the junk. One room at a time.

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Well done Marie! I like your "one room at a time" idea. Baby steps can do it!

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I'm due for a round of bathroom vanity tossing; I'm bringing a garbage bag with me when I go up to shower !!!!!!!

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DH & I did this a couple of months ago in our bathroom. We got rid of a surprising amount of stuff. We have a pedestal sink, so no vanity. I have a clear plastic shoe box in there that contains first aid things & is labeled as such. It took me a while, but I finally trained DH to use it. I also have labeled boxes for extra or infrequently used grooming & dental items. It makes them so much easier to find. We also went thru our medications, which we keep in a kitchen cabinet. I was surprised by the number of bottles of expired meds that had gotten pushed to the back & were just taking up room.

Part of my weekend project the bookcase. I'm determined to get it looking decent & it was overcrowded. I've got a shopping bag full of old magazines & catalogs to toss, plus a box of books to go to the library.


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OK, I have been inspired...I am heading to my bathroom with a large trash can in tow. I know I do not need all the stuff I keep hanging on to--like the lotion that stinks or the hair bleaching powder from when I used to do it myself (WAY WAY back in time!).

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HeidiHoHum, good for you. It took me years to finally get rid of most of the stuff I'd never use. It feels good to have everything else organized. I had 5 tweezers just because I could never find one. And I had kept my makeup in a makeup bag because I might go on a trip which is never more than once or twice a year. So, now, my makeup is in an open plastic container that I can easily get into.

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