about messy garage

grower-jeanFebruary 19, 2006

Thanks a million for answering my question about our garage is so messy because of my brother's things, I foegot to tell you that that house where I live right now belong to me mom, I told my mom to tell my brother to move some of his things but my mom won't tell him, & I can't talk to my brother because he is so mean to me,please tell me what to do, thanks again.

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Then write him a note telling him you need the space and would like his items removed by the end of March. And that you will donate anything not removed.

Being afraid won't get you anywhere. If all he will do is use mean words, then you can take that. Are we talking physical threats? Sounds like he controls the family with fear and both you and your mom feel powerless against him. What about your DH stepping in?

It's just stuff. If you are that afraid of you brother there isn't anything we can tell you to do. You'll have to do it.


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