Anyone Using Space Bags? Comments?

Nancy_Ind_is_now_IllFebruary 11, 2005

Have seen pros and cons for these. Sure appear to be a real space saver if they work. Some comments mention they are flimsy and begin to leak after a while. Are there various brands other than original Space Bags? How thick is plastic on yours and are you happy with them? Can't find a local outlet and those on ebay picture them in a sealed package and you can't tell about the thickness. Am afraid if I send a seller a message, I won't get a true picture of how good/bad they may be and hate to waste my money. Thanks.

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I had some space bags, and they worked great. Then they just split on their own...almost like a knife went through it. Really weird! After that, I have been a little weary of buying them again. They were amazing though, and it took like a year for the weird split thing to happen. They definitely helped with my lack of storage space with sweaters and other bulky items like blankets/comforters. I had ordered mine from QVC a LONG time ago!

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I love mine. We have no linen closet, so I like to put off-season comforters and flannel sheets into the Space Bags. Haven't had any problems with them yet.

I found mine at Bed Bath & Beyond. They are also available online from the same store.

Here is a link that might be useful: Space Bags from BBB

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The BBB ones look pretty good.

How do these work? Do they mash the contents flat? I'm concerned about clothing being ruined.

Is it hard to use the vacuum cleaner to suck the air out?

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I had them and didn't like them (but they were easy to use, to answer the question from Socks). I stored sheets and blankets, then decided it would be easier just to get rid of sheets & blankets! LOL The bags don't end up being a stackable size, which makes them hard to store (can't stack them, for instance, and they will explode if they fall from the top of a closet shelf--been there, done that!).

The directions said not to store anything like a down-filled comforter or sleeping bags or coats in them, since compacting down is a bad thing.

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Aha!... mine also split like they had been ripped at with a sharp knife!.. but up till that point I thought they we great. But given the cost i did not want to buy more only to have them split. They were easy to use and even my old vac at the time was able to get all the air out.


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We could not get the cap to work at all!!! So disappointing!!!!! Would not buy them again!

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I bought several brands a few years back and couldn't get them to work properly, no matter how hard I tried. I'll never get them again.

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