Now I know why I was keeping those clothes!!

Julie_MI_Z5February 4, 2006

My most recent closet purge included clothing I wore, but not often--maybe just a few times a year.

NOW I know why I was keeping those clothes! It's because by February I'm so sick to death of wearing the same winter clothes, anything else sounds like a winner! LOL

I would love to go shopping, but there are winter storm warnings AND I still have a bad cold.


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I can sympathize, but I think it's a bit too late for winter-clothes shopping--all the stores (in my area, anyways), are filling up with shorts and T-shirts :)

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In the Great Northwest, we will be wearing winter clothing for quite awhile. Every year I get sucked into the "oooh, Spring's almost here, I better buy new clothes" and then I can't wear them until June, when they are much cheaper on the clearance rack! Some clothing stores, like the one I work for very P/T, are getting smart and offering spring colors but they are still warm enough for winter. They've been selling like crazy!

I am SO tired of my turtlenecks, but I'm too cold if I wear anything else. I swear next winter I will just have a closetful of turtlenecks in 7 different colors! LOL

Sheryl (who this year will NOT buy summer clothing until June!!!!)

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I do have turtlenecks in 7 colors... but they're all DARK colors! Plain black, ribbed black, dark brown, medium brown, navy, forest green, charcoal gray, dark red... see what I mean!

You may have identified my true problem: I could just be sick of winter colors more than just the clothing.

Julie---who is wondering if turtlenecks come in colors like turquoise.

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Julie - Check out Lands End online. They have one :-)


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Julie, I am so envious of your turtleneck problem! I love dark colors and cannot find decent turtlenecks in stores anymore--my sole spandex-blend turtleneck is wearing out at the elbows.

I am by no means suggesting that anyone do this through this forum, but what if people considered trading their clothes with friends/relatives just for a few months to get through the seasonal wardrobe blahs? Some of my family bring their unwanted clothes to family events to give away; I don't see why a temporary trade wouldn't work.

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I must be wardrobe impaired. I can't remember caring about clothing since I was in my early 20's. When I needed "teacher looking" clothing, I'd buy 5 of the same pair of pants if they fit. All black. My students would ask me why I wore the same clothing all of the time. Had to explain that one.

Now the uniform has just changed to the exact same type of jean. I own 8 pair. Lots of bright T-s.

If I'm cold I throw on a sweater, but I only own 4 of those. The good thing is my winter and summer wardrobe is the same. Well, I may put the wool socks away, but that's about it.


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I may skip over some clothes from time to time and seem to be wearing the same things but then I go through my closet and find something I haven't worn for awhile and it's like going shopping for a new outfit. I could never do the seven outfit thing that someone suggested for decluttering. I gotto have my clothes. I told my DD about the seven day outfit thing, she looked at me like I'd lost my mind. She has three closets totaly full. If I need a new outfit I can borrow from her. Half the time she forgets I have it. She is the manager of a clothing store so she gets great discounts.

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