has anyone used 'Tigerfoam'

dadgardensApril 12, 2011

I am considering using "Tigerfoam" on two walls of my older house (circa 1760). Has anyone used it on a stone house?

I am considering using "Tigerfoam", a binary foam product, on my circa 1760 older house - primarily for its ability to fill voids - which became home for: yellow Jackets, hornets, and sundry other members of the Vespidae (black/yellow) stinging insects. Several nests were too many for my comfort, one nest would have been tolerable, but more than five was not!

Will a foam product prevent the wasp nesting that I had last year! Too darn many stingers around for comfort!

The two walls that I want to fill are old, original to the house. Yes, I know I should be looking at the insulation value, but the "sting" prevention value is even higher!

Will a product like "Tigerfoam" reduce the Vespidae population/infestation?

I do not want to resort to heavy duty pesticides again!


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I used Foam it Green for blind filling cavities and got great results.

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I've got a friend who used Tigerfoam and says that it's effective but not advisable to use with aluminum and pop rivits as this might cause bending.

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