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remodel-mamaApril 15, 2010

Hi all. I really need some help with lighting in a 1912 house that we are remodeling. We were planning to do recessed lighting everywhere - but are reconsidering that idea. Right now, I am concentrating on the main floor.

Here is the floorplan:

Here is a pic of the dining room:

So here are (some of) my questions for all of you experienced people :)

1) The dining room currently has a fixture in the middle and 4 lights coming out of the beams/coffers. What would you do for lighting in this room? If we got shades for the 4 lights that are in the beams - would that be enough light? Should we get rid of the center fixture? Add recessed lights?

2) The dining room will be open to the kitchen, with an island in between. We will have recessed lighting in the kitchen - do you think it would be too much to do pendants over the island? I am thinking of something simple with clear glass like:


3) What about the front hall? We were thinking of a chandelier type of light - but since my DH thinks it will be too dim - he would like to add recessed lights there as well. I am afraid of the "swiss cheese" effect that recessed lights can have...

Thanks for any feedback/ideas you may have!

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1) Dining room - I would do exactly what is already there...one central fixture and the 4 beam lights. With the right bulbs, that's plenty of light and is exactly what we lived with in our last home.

2. I would skip recessed lighting in the kitchen. I would have island pendant lights, overhead ceiling lighting and any "invisible" under cabinet lighting you'd need.

3. Front hall - a chandelier and/or wall sconces.

If it was my home, I would not have ANY recessed lighting. To me, it's not the right look in an old home.

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I agree with lido. Recessed lighting in a period house just doesn't seem right; of course I am not a fan of recessed lighting in any case.

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