Decluttering pays off - found $670.00!

alicesRestaurantFebruary 2, 2005

I decluttered my underwear drawer today. I think it has been years since I threw away any underwear. Just kept buying new and piling on top. Also, threw away many, many socks with holes and hose that I no longer wear. Felt great but the best part was that in the process, I found two envelopes of money, total of $670.00. WhoooHooooooo!

I remember now where the money came from. The best part is that I already had the expences that they were supposed to be applied to, paid for under a separate process. Sure was a safe place to keep it. LOL

I think I must win the award for most disorganized, to have that much money in a drawer and not even remember/know it!


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Just goes to show that creating a little space gives back!

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Claire's message goes double for me. WOW! WOW!

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LOL, good for you!!!

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Yay! That's a lot of moolah.

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(and actually, I've done something similar. Not QUITE so forgetful, but...

My MIL gives me money for my b'day, Christmas, etc. It makes me uncomfortable, sometimes. Because it's just a teeny bit more than I'm comfortable w/. And I'm not used to getting money. I'm supposed to find something to buy with it, but I don't actually. So I kept sticking it in an envelope in my nightstand. And then, when I redid my drawer, I put it under the new false bottom.

That added up a lot, too! I knew *that* it was there, I wasn't surprised to find it, but I didn't know how much and THAT surprised me. And I just didn't think about it.

I once, when I was a high-school kid, was throwing out purses I didn't use anymore. I checked all the pockets, esp. because I was wondering if a ballpoint pen I'd loved had gotten inside one of the pockets. I found $50! I never did remember where it came from--it was a nice, crisp fifty-dollar bill!

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Boy if that isn't an inspiration to clean out clothes and purses, what is?

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On the flip side, I once gave away a load of clothes directly from my closet to a charity. Only months later did I remember that I had stashed some heirloom jewelry in a pocket of my old bathrobe thinking that would outsmart any burglars....ouch!

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rosieo, I'm feeling your ouch! That one hurt me!

I didn't mention it, but I found $55 from the last yard sale during my closet makeover. I managed to spend the rest of it, and think I was hanging onto this so I wouldn't have to go to the bank. Too bad I hadn't remembered I even had it! You know, that's the thing about what gets Stuffed Away...Memory Collapse.

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THat is a wonderful find!

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What a find Alice!

I'VE never found money while decluttering... not even small change - every little coin stays in our wallets and gets used.


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I rarely post on this forum but lurk alot. I would like to share a decluttering = cash story that happened to my friend. She had inherited a bunch of her mother's old purses and decided it was time to sell them in a garage sale. She has been having money problems and as she was going through the purses she thought how nice it would be to find some money from her mother. Sure enough, in the next purse, she found two $50 bills.

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