Shoe Storage idea (for boots)

smiles78February 6, 2006

so many shoe storage systems or racks are made for "regular" shoes. In the fall/winter I wear a lot of boots and knee high boots. DH wears work boots and high top sneakers a lot. Boots and some high top sneakers don't fit in the shoe racks so they are lined up on the floor. However, I want a system to get them more vertical to save space. I know some people leave boots in shoe boxes but I found that just got annoying. I suppose really tall boots need to be on floor but what about shorter ankle boots?

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I don't think any kind of boots needs to be on the floor--I'm not the only person here who stashes shoes (and even snow boots) at torso-level. I have a set of shelves that holds shoes at torso height, and one set of shelves is spaced a bit farther apart, which is useful for the 2 sets of ankle boots we have.

If I'd been thinking, I'd have put in compartments for the kids' snow boots (and I still might someday, next to the backpack compartment).

I can't see bending over twice--once to pick the boots up off the floor, and once to put them on (or once to take them off, and once to set them where they belong on the floor).

The big thing is, you want them not to fall over, and for them to be out of the way. Falling all over on the floor isn't either, since you'll end up tripping over them. And falling off the shelf isn't useful, either.

I wonder if you could use plain bookcases and put simple dividers between the pairs of boots?

They make these vertical dividers that slip over a regular shelf; they're usually shown holding stacks of sweaters or handbags. But you could put them between sets of boots.

Maybe space some shelves tightly for shoes, and others farther apart for taller boots. And get a bookcase/cabinet w/ doors, if you want.

It's too bad those shoe cubbies don't come w/ removable dividers, so you can make some of the compartments really tall. I wonder if you could just leave one or two of the horizontal slats out?

Here is a link that might be useful: shelf dividers

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I think this really depends upon how wet and messy the climate. We are in Alaska and no way would I have boots anywhere but the floor. The kid's area has a mat with holes for drainage, which I keep old towels and newspaper under. Anything higher would just drip all over the place.

Adult boots go on the floor of the coat closet, which has a similar drainage in place.

If you wear ankle boots and high top sneakers, I would just treat them as regular shoes. Ankle boots should fit on numerous type shoe racks.

You didn't give us an idea of where this vertical might be. In the entry area or bedroom closet? Can you hang something or will it have to be freestanding?


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I was looking for something similar and although I plan to just have someone in my family build one for me because they are all good at contracting and what not I did come across a shelf. Here is the link.

There are some boxes out there made for boots as well I have found them before and now that I want to buy them of course I can not find them, but they are made to stack unlike the boxes boots come in are. They have a flap or a door in the front of the container so that you can take the boots and shoes out with out unstacking them. Hope this helps.

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...lets see if it works...


Here is a link that might be useful: Carrie's Link

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I thought both of these ideas were clever:

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The boots won't be wet, muddy or dirty right? If you're looking for vertical, then any adjustable system will do it. Wall-mounted stuff from Ikea or Elfa, Metro shelving or even a cheap old bookcase will solve the problem. You're right that very high boots should be stuffed and stored flat. They make floor racks that store ankle and knee-height boots upside down.

I use a custom-sized commercial grade floor mat (it was only $20!) for off the terrace in the city and a wooden bath mat inside a sheet pan out at the weekend house for wet/dirty boots and shoes. Let's them drain and dry; you don't want those on a shelf or the floor.

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