made a different kind of charitable donation

ronbreFebruary 21, 2010

yesterday i went to the hairdresser and donated all of my hair to locks of love..not even enough left to put into a pony tail.

not sure i like the style..but am sure i'm glad i had the guts to go ahead and cut it all off and donate it..again.

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Good for you!!
My niece did that too. I'm sure that the Cancer patient that recieves a wig of your hair will greatly appreciate it.

Every time you look in the mirror, think about what you did. Your shorn locks are a badge of courage and generosity, glory in them.

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You are so kind. Your current haircut is only temporary.

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I go to a yarn store where they give classes. They encourage customer to knit chemo caps for charity. For every cap I donate, I get either a free knitting class or a chance to win $200 in knitting supplies. So far I've made 2. Think I'll go for one class and one chance at the free merchandise. Can't post photos, but I'll describe the caps-one is green and white stripes, the other is multi-color.

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I have long hair, past my shoulders. I tried to donate my hair but they wouldn't take it. My hair has been colored, highlighted, and permed. They only want VIRGIN hair. I lost my virginity long ago, snigger!

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really, i've never heard that..although my hair was a virgin..tee hee.

i do know they require at least 12" available to be cut off maybe that was the problem..mine was to my butt..(oh does that still make it a virgin?) i had enough but just past your shoulders might have not been enough

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Just think about what you said. How could they possibly make a wig with hair that is permed streaked and colored. The perm will eventually go. The bleached streaking will stay but the color will fade. A wig made from your hair would be a disaster not a blessing.

If you were really serious you'd let it go back to your natural state and color and then donate.

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My hair grows so slowly. Let's see, at one tenth inch a month, it would take ten months to grow an inch, 120 months to grow the minimum 12 inches. That would take about ten years. And did I mention I'm getting bald on the right side of my head?

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I think I'll stick to my knitting!

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Ann Curry of the Today show has donated her hair a couple of times.

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