Do you believe some houses have bad energy?

kimcocoApril 10, 2009

I have another post about buying next to a cemetary, and someone brought up an interesting point that I have been saying to my husband all along. I thought I'd start a new thread since this is somewhat off-topic from my first post.

We bought a fixer upper in 2004. I love my house and everything that we've done to it...but it is a money pit, though from the standpoint of the character this house has, I have no regrets.

The problem is we've had nothing but bad luck since we've bought this place. And I don't mean about things breaking down in your house, but rather about life experiences.

For example....

The previous owners sold due to a divorce. The first week we moved here my husband got a speeding ticket. My cat of 17 years died within months. My mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I came home one night from her house to find a huge dead black crow on my front lawn.

We have had some of the worst experiences with contractors we've hired...(we really get along with people well, we go out of our way to help neighbors, etc.). The most recent is we have a bad situation with a nasty, nasty neighbor now...a complete nightmare.

The point that someone mentioned earlier is that you should find out how happy the previous owners were before buying a new home, as the energy in the house has a tendency to repeat itself from owner to owner. I'm a first time homeowner myself, but just wondering if anyone has ever felt this way about a house you've lived in?

I get that everyone has trials and tribulations in life and not everything will go smooth, but I feel like this house is nothing more than a bad omen, or has bad karma, however you want to describe it, it just seems like negative energy.

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You can make up specious explanations for what happens in your life or you can accept it and keep on step'n.

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Hi Kimcoco,

I'm one who mentioned about the energy from the previous owners. I have bought and sold 7 houses, and each one came with its own vibes, Feng Shui, energy...or whatever you want to call it. I remember the first night we lived in one house, I vehemently announced to my husband 'I hate this house!' The PO had not had a happy home life, and the bad energy was still lingering, and never went away. In another home, a neighbor dropped by to mention he saw my little white dog Sparky looking out the window, and how the PO always had a little white dog who also sat at the window. I also might add that That PO had prospered, and so did we while we lived in that house.
I am so eager to get out of my present home that I have bought another ( a cute 1950 cape) house before selling this one. In this house I have had nothing but bad luck...lost relationships, pets sickening & dying, personal health problems, money losses...and the PO (a relatively 'young' man) died here. This house faces West, and is for me according to Feng Shui, my 'total loss' direction.
Feng Shui can help you determine if your house is 'good' or 'bad' for you. I follow a formula based on my birth year and the directions my house faces, but there are other formulas you can follow. And if you don't want to 'get into' all that FS 'nonsense' you can just sit back and look at what your gut feeling is telling you about the 'vibes' and energy in your house. There are some 'cures' you can do to improve FS in any home. I know we all have 'good' vibes, 'bad' vibes stories about homes and places we've been in.

Here is a link that might be useful: A Feng Shui View From The Terrace

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None of your problems require supernatural explanation.

Your husband got a speeding ticket - probably had something to do with the pressure he applied to the gas pedal.

Your 17 year old cat died - average life expectancy of a cat is 15 years.

Your mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness - first, I'm sorry and don't intend to make light of your loss. Illness and death are inescapable parts of life though and your choice of home can't be expected to be a magical fountain of youth for you or anyone else.

You found a dead bird in your yard - like people, birds don't live forever. The fact that it died in your yard might be tied to a neighbor's excessive use of pesticides, but probably is unrelated to your house of doom.

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Some cultures believe that to chase away the bad vibes from a home you should burn sage while blessing the house.

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I think some also consider the sage burning a cleansing of sorts. What a good idea! Even if there's no real 'magic', the very act of doing something to promote positive feelings in our homes (in this case a blessing on the house), is always a plus, don't you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: A Feng Shui View From The Terrace

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I too believe that houses hold energy, I also believe that the energy can be changed/cleansed/whatever you want to call it. Whether by sage or ritual or the way you live your life.

And ... while I *do* believe in all this "touchy-feely" stuff, I also believe that things happen regardless. I do not know for sure, of course, but I would tend to believe that those experiences you had would have happened even if you hadn't moved. Except maybe that bird ;)

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"You can make up specious explanations for what happens in your life or you can accept it and keep on step'n."

Arbitrary. I didn't make up specious explanations, I didn't say I couldn't 'accept it', and I certainly didn't say that I couldn't 'keep on step'n'.

"Supernatural explanation"? Supernatural implies a communication between a living human being and a deity or other supernatural entity. I did not say or imply that there was a supernatural entity in my home.

It's about E N E R G Y. No need to read between the lines. There are no hidden meanings here.

Thanks to all the other responses. I've been reading about Fung Shui and definitely interested in learning more about it.

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Do you get the same bad energy when you rent a hotel room where who knows what has occurred to, between and among consenting and not so consenting individuals?? I just make sure not to touch the bedcovers and use a lot of Lysol!

I build in an area that was favoured by affluent Hong Kong immigrants looking to establish Canadian residency before the Communist takeover in 1997. Feng Shui and superstition was a must. There was a premium for addresses with an "8" in them. Wherever they could, builders would apply and get a renumbering, until Council said it was too confusing for emergency workers. I didn't pay attention to Feng Shui and even built one home with the dreaded double-death "44" address. Turns out there were enough Chinese non-believers and others who could care less.

On the other hand, I remember when a notorious alleged loan shark/enforcer and his paramour were shot dead in their bed in a ritzy part of town. Discussing it, a friend and I decided we wouldn't want any part of that home, primarily because not everybody might have gotten the word that the former owner was permanently indisposed.

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Stuff happens. You can look too hard for explanations when there are none. I believe that the architectural features and the light can affect how the house "feels," but I draw the line at thinking there is some kind of bad luck or energy that you inherit from an inanimate object or previous tenants.

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It's not the previous tenants that the bad energy is from, and even if you tore the house or structure down, the energy that surrounds that place, the land formation, and yes, even how the light hits that particular site, is what causes the 'bad energy'. I mentioned a house we had lived in that I hated from the first night we were there. There had been a gravestone found on the property, and looking back, the house (built by the PO in 1930's) might well have been built over a cemetery. I often wonder how the present owners have fared, and just out of curiousity I may go stop in some day and ask.
There's a few pieces of land that I know of that have all had restaurants on them. The restaurants never had much prosperity, no matter how many different owners/ buildings/ foods they presented. Poor management? How about the two that I know of that were small thriving businesses in a tiny little corner, and then moved to one of these 'bad energy' places...and whoops...maybe too much energy hits them as they are now on a main road. Or maybe they 'disappear' as all the traffic goes rushing past? I'm not too sure they are better off in the new place; it's certainly not the same atmosphere that had welcomed me before. Whether it's a house or a business on a piece of property, I've seen this happen too often to believe there isn't an energy issue involved.

Here is a link that might be useful: a feng shui view from the terrace

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There are those of us who do believe in inanimate objects having energy. Even if another person doesn't believe in that, it shouldn't be hard to comprehend of places or objects being able to illicit feelings of well or ill being to the beholder. If you're a 'believer' you could say the beholder is sensitive to those energies, if you are not, then you could explain it away by saying something in the beholder's past is dredged up and capable of influencing a like or dislike of a place or object.

Myself, I do sense a house's aura. Some I have been in have been comforting and pleasant, and others just downright cold and creepy. And it has little to do with style or condition. I don't relate it to the number, or to what direction it is pointed. It's just a feeling. And, it's strong enough to influence me whether I would want to buy it or not. It doesn't make any difference if it's a valid basis or rational to another just is and would influence my attitude toward the house. Perhaps it's cultural, or perhaps it has to do with how important it is to relate to one's surroundings. I don't think it's silly one way or the other to feel that way, either anymore than it's silly to tell somebody they do or don't like ranch homes or homes painted white.

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I'm an energy believer. During our house hunt, there was one house about which I still have fantasies - it was an old wreck, built in the 1840s and one of five surviving rowhouses from that era. It needed way more money than we could have poured into it, but I swear I felt good ghosts the moment I entered. I've never had that feeling about another house since then, including the one we ended up buying.

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I definitly believe - and know for a fact - that some houses have "bad" energy!

But you can go green and make them more energy-efficient.

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LOL! Good point, Scarlett 2001.

Here is a link that might be useful: A Feng Shui View from The Terrace

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Edgar Allan Poe's story "The Fall of the House of Usher" is an interesting read in this context: about a house that mirrors the degeneration of the family. Spooky stuff!

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Absolutely. Without a doubt. Think about all the emotional energy that the walls have seen, especially old homes: births, deaths, acts of love, acts of hate, holiday gatherings, etc. It is amazing what a house reveals to you if you pay attention enough. Our scientific community has tangible ways of measuring physical energy, but has yet to measure emotional energy. But, it is there.

One house that I looked at before I bought the one I'm living in was a brand spanking new colonial: gleaming hardwoods, freshly painted, granite countertops...beautiful layout (feng shui friendly), etc - all the amenities and then some. I walked in and within five minutes I walked out, and said, "No way".

A few months later, my buyer's agent at the time revealed to me that myself along with several other female potential buyers did the exact same thing with that very house. Then she told me that the house (previously) was deliberately set afire by the contractor (due to legal issues regarding questionable electrical work), and rebuilt again. The authorities discovered (somehow) discovered that that contractor was responsible for the arson. Coincidence? Not sure, but notable.

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Twice I have hair extensions put on. It was real hair. Each time I had hair extensions I had bad luck, or so I remember. As soon as they were removed, things got back to normal. Of course, we're all dwelling on the bad energy in a house/object, but certainly there are just as many buildings/ objects that give us pleasure & peace as well!

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Once when I was standing in line to board an airplane the guy in front of me told his companion that he always patted the outside of the plane when boarding so the plane wouldn't crash. His friend asked why he thought that would prevent the plane from crashing and the guy said it had worked fine so far.

Have you considered the possibility that the energy is not from the house but an alien source?

It could also be infra-red radiation energy which is invisible and passes through air without affecting it. It is emitted from all materials except polished aluminum. Unnatural creepy stuff don't you think?

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Personally I believe you make your own luck. I also believe that FS is BS :oP Honestly, I just can't imagine how anyone could fall for the stuff. It's a good gig if you can make money on it (as are many things like FS) but still...come on now? How on earth did the families of old make it without knowing their doors had to be red? Or they needed to move a mirror, or gad forbid they used underbed storage? Our family has prospered and grown happily without sage in a new house, no red doors, and YIKES underbed storage! I don't think we're the only one.

Do you ever walk into a forest and say "that tree has bad karma" or step on the beach and say "oh dear that rock is making me feel bad?" No, and what's a house? It's trees and rocks cut and ground up into timber and tiles and whatever :) Heck for all I know my venetian plaster is made of tombstones...which would explain why I fell off of a ladder while applying it!! Or it just could have been a bad ladder, verses ghosts in the plaster ;P

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Nope, don't believe a house has "energy." Whatever the previous owners did or did not or experienced or didn't experience is *over* the minute we move in. Our lives & personalities are what create the energy, not the building or the land it sits on.

Can't say the previous owners have ever had an effect on my current life unless we've had to undo some shoddy renovation they did.

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Feng Shui is not all about under bed storage and red doors. Feng(wind)and Shui(water) are two powerful energy forces that, whether one chooses to acknowledge it or not, affect us daily. Oh, and the red door business? I believe farmers and such here in the U.S. were painting their doors red to ward off 'evil spirits' long before we had ever heard the words 'Feng Shui'. Isn't it funny how some people will just fall for such 'stuff'?

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I know some houses have bad energy. Growing up we moved- A LOT! After a while I noticed that I was sensitive to the energy in a house. My grandfather was a american indian and my gram said that I inheirited this. Anyway I have lived in homes that for no appearent reason made me uncomfortable. I have to say that in this case, some feel it; some don't. All you can do is go with your gut. Even if it makes no sense to anyone else, if you can feel it- it is real to you and you have to listen to it.

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While I don't believe in FS, nor in the power of crystals, nor in ghosts or bad energy in a home...I do believe in bad decor! Which can make a house feel awful. IE 1980's versions of Victorian with lots of dark florals and purple plush that's some bad carma!!

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Peanutmom, I'm with you. I think some people are naturally more sensitive, or more intuitive than others. Some people get it, some people don't.

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I'm very sensitive and intuitive. In fact I've had several strange telepathic or precognitive events in my life. But no "energy" from houses.

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Yes I do believe that houses have positive or negative energy. We bought an older home (at least 75 years) and lived in it for 13 years. Strange noises( voices), things moving around(the phone took missing and we found it under the hood of our daughters car), just strange stuff. My daughter and I talked about it but for some reason my husband and I didn't. We built a new house next door and it was quiet bliss for a couple of years. One night my husband and I were in bed when I began to hear voices. My husband rolled over and said " Well, I guess the voices found us over here." I sat straight up in bed and couldn't believe he had been hearing them all those years and never said a word.
My mother in law has moved in with us and within a month she told me she could hear talking and one day someone was knocking on the back door (several times) and when she looked no one was there. We just live with it, sort of a "well that was strange" shrug your sholders and just go on with our lives thing. Maybe some people are just more sensitive about stuff like that.

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This is cut/paste from another thread I posted on.
I am not usually sensitive to this stuff but several yrs ago we looked at an old home. I can't explain my feeling other than "creepy". For one thing it was fall and there was a lilac bush in bloom (New England). Also pushed aside brush and there was about a 2X5 FT concrete slab with an old pointed blade sticking out in the middle. A shed on the property had strange masks inside and a beautiful FP. I do have a friend very sensitive to stuff, she wanted to see it a few weeks latter. (just the outside) First thing we cupped our hands to look into front window and it really fogged up but it was on the inside. Lilacs were still in bloom. There were a lot of rocks on the property and all had been stood up so they were taller than long. Again, the whole place gave me the creeps.

Bad energy? Who knows. I have gone by it a yr ago, someone lives there and there was one lit candle in a window. Not electric, real candle. Still gives me the creeps.

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We lived in a house when I was younger that my Grandpa had previously owned. He decided to remodel the attic, and in doing so, he found a coffee can of stashed money, approx. $5k, under the floor boards. The woman who lived there previously died in the house of natural causes.

When we lived there, both my sisters bedroom and my bedroom was on the third floor. We were talking one day and I reluctantly mentioned to her that I noticed at times when I'm reading a book in bed, I get the feeling like the bed is moving or rising off the floor, but very subtle. There were times I'd stop reading and put my book down to figure out if maybe a plane was going overhead, or what it was caused from. Nothing else in the room, like knick knacks or anything was affected. I couldn't see it moving, I could feel it moving.

As I was telling her this, her face went stark white; obviously she had experienced the same thing herself, and we both ran down the stairs with our hair on end and told my mother. We laughed it off, but it was a strange feeling that we both experienced the same thing.

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My sister saged our place!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sage Smudging

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Cyndi Charney

Yes, I do believe that some houses have "bad" energy, but not to the extent that it could affect your vehicle or your mother's health, etc. Bad things do happen to good people regardless of the type or age of their home. If your house is a money pit, its because it was poorly constructed or improperly maintained by the previous owners. Kudos to you for putting the time and money into it to bring it right. My thoughts go out to you on the serious nature of your Mother's diagnosis.

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Very interesting topic! I don't know if I believe in ghosts or spirits but it sure is interesting to contemplate the possibility.

My thinking is that there are elements of a house, or a place, which do indeed attract certain people, activities, and yes energies. For example. Places like San Francisco, New Orleans, etc. - they attract a lot of artists & creative people - simply because of their physical attributes and the history.

Why for example does this place so utterly creep you out just to look at it?
Something about how it looks so sunk into the ground I think & overgrown? It conveys a kind of desolation that's really pretty intense! I'm a fan of old abandoned houses, like to explore them whenever I have the chance and not many are what I'd call creepy. They may be sad, or intriguing, or even beautiful as I sometimes get a sense of how a family might have lived here on theold farm years ago... but I havent seen a lot of really creepy ones.

Somewhere I read that a lot of animals, not only the human type, have an esthetic about where they live for survival reasons - what is universally considered the best place to live across all species is one that is near water, up high but not at the very top of a hill - because that's too exposed, somewhat secluded but not too enclosed or cut off, have to see what's going on around us. That's exactly the type of place that humans consider beautiful or a good building spot. It stands to reason that we might get an emotional response in the other direction if it feels too "unsafe".

I think that people respond to other elements too - like light, how the building is situated. There really doesn't need to be anything mystical about it, just the way we are wired. Like when you meet a person and get an instant like, or dislike - you're responding to a million subtle visual cues about how that person presents themselves. The struggles that played out in a house might be revealed in its minute details, how it was decorated or cared for - or not cared for.

Come to think of it the creepiest one I ever saw when I was looking at houses (fixer uppers) was one that the p.o. had literally trashed it thru his hopelessly ugly and awful "remodeling". It was absolutely horrible. New doors cut in and rooms reconfigured in ways that made no sense, in a hopelessly amateur way. Everything remotely of interest or value - woodwork or doors- was either hopelessly damaged or missing and replaced with crap. And then add onto that about 30 or 40 years of neglect, filth & a leaky roof. ACK!!! I'm getting a flashback - freaking out just thinking about it!

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kimcoco, did you ever think that by posting the question that you would get such a 'debate' going? Wow! There sure is a lot of energy being expended on this subject, but it seems to me that the overwhelming opinion is that there are 'energy issues' that people can feel/sense in houses and other places.

kashka kat: you made some good points about the towns and areas that attract certain people. I also agree this is a very interesting topic.

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Cricket, to answer your question that would have to be capital letters and all, NO! LOL. It does seem that either people are in total agreement or total disagreement, no in-betweens and I find that most interesting.

It's interesting to hear how others feel about certain places, people - like Kasha Kat mentioned about when you meet someone you will at times know instantly if you like them or not, and you can't quite put your finger on it, but then later on something happens and you knew in your gut you were right from the get-go.

I just thought of a funny / interesting story from years ago. My younger sister was maybe 7 or so, I don't recall her exact age, but old enough to know the difference between reality and fantasy. She went with our oldest sister to a friends house, and at mid-day my little sister meandered into the back yard by herself while all the older girls were hanging out in the front of the house. My little sister swears there was a 'witch' at the back of the house, sweeping the sidewalk, and I don't recall if this 'witch' said anything to her, she maybe made some strange noises or a cackle or something, but whatever she did it startled my sister and she ran back up front. She told my older sister, they went with her to the back yard, but nobody was there, nobody was in the house, and they all laughed about it. To this day my little sister swears by it. Could it be an over active imagination? Perhaps. Sure that's possible, but I'll tell you, she would never go back to that house again. I remember it was a small city lot, but very woody with lots of mature trees, lilac shrubs...just a creepy overgrown lot. I realize this is going beyond the context of my original post, but I think it is relevant because we're all talking about energy and weird things we've experienced.

Is it really true that most hotels don't have a '13th' floor (when there are an excess of 13 floors?), or is that just a myth?

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Hotels of more than 12 stories have 13th floors...they just don't always number them as the 13th because some people choose to believe in superstitious nonsense.

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Of course that's what I meant, '13th'. It's not a literal counting of floors. I wonder what chains of hotels follow this superstition.

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kimcoco..I'm pretty sure every hotel chain out there eschews the dreaded '13th' floor. I've been in a lot of high rise hotels, and I don't recall it being on the numbered panel in the elevators, so I guess a lot of hotel chains honor 'superstitious nonsense'. Me, I was born on the 13th of February, so I kind of like the number, (lol) but I also respect others' need to avoid it.

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I'm a literal and scientific minded person, as is my husband. However. Our old house felt good to us the instant we walked into it, but there are others that didn't.

Three houses that belonged to the Catholic church nearby were going to be moved to make way for a supermarket. We had the opportunity to go through them with some other people from our local historic preservation group, plus the caretaker and his 4 year old daughter. The caretaker's family was living in 1 of the houses. When we entered another of the houses, which had been empty for years, the child, who was holding my hand, became very tense. I tried to climb the stairs and she began to scream about how there were bad people, and wouldn't go up. My husband did climb upstairs, and discovered a way to get up to a finished room in the attic. But when he approached the room he became very frightened, and came back down. (He didn't understand what the child was screaming because she was speaking Spanish.)

Several years later we invited a man over to dinner who was a professor of history at a local Catholic university, a priest. (My husband had just met a friend of his when he was working briefly in Lima, Peru.) He told us that his group of priests used to live in one of the houses decades before. They also discovered the attic room, and saw that it had satanic symbols painted on the walls. So they asked the local police about the house. And guess who used to live in it years before that? The Manson Family!!

My husband was so badly scared by all this that he wouldn't talk about the house. He felt that it was evil. Several years later, when the houses had all been moved and renovated into senior housing, we went to see them with the priest. And the attic room was now unreachable. And the house felt the same to him. He wrote this story up and it was published in the Old House Journal.

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Wow! I've really enjoyed reading all this! My thoughts are that some places on this earth just "feel" different than others. Sometimes the feeling is good and sometimes not. I think you can be attracted as well as repelled by places. Maybe it's due to energy left by people that have now gone somewhere else, who knows? This has been really interesting.

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I have lived in many places in my life that I have not felt that they had positive energy. As a child I did not have a choice. As an adult if I walked into a house and it did not feel happy I did not buy that property. I am not talking about a house that needs work or a bad layout. I have brought houses that needed major work and houses that were in move in condition. When I walk into a house I get a feeling I cannot explain and it makes me smile.

I have a strange story that of a house....

I lived in one house for 25 yrs and the house next door was strange. Five married couples that moved in the wife left the husband within 2 years. I often thought that house hated women. LOL

It was a friendly social street. We all really talked and had cook-outs together so I knew these couples. Although you never know what happens behind closed doors they seemed happy. Planning the gardens, decorating the home and slowly you could see unhappyness. Everytime, the wife would pack up, leave the husband who stayed long enough to sell to the next victim couple.

A single woman brought the house she has been there 5 years she seems to have many boyfriends but she has lasted longer than any woman in that house since I had lived there. Maybe that house just did not like married women.

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I know a man who moved to a cheaper less attractive house in anticipation of trouble with his wife. His wife soon asked for a divorce and is now living there alone. A house does not choose it's owners and neighbors can have no idea what problems new owners bring with them.

Of course, if you have to have a reason and know nothing about the situation you would have to blame the house.

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Re-visiting this thread. Over dinner last night, I was telling my husband about this topic and what had been posted so far, including my post on the house with good ghosts.

He's a rationalist and couldn't 'get' my feelings about that house, even at the time. He had all the justifications lined up - I like old houses and was pre-disposed to that one because of its age, the broker validated my 'ghost' feelings as soon as I mentioned them with a couple of tales of her own, I walked through the house before I mentioned the ghosts and was looking for something to convey my love of the house that differentiated it from all the rest...

No matter how much I said, no, it wasn't like that, we looked at dozens of houses of the same age, the good vibes were there as soon as I walked in the door and were as perceptible to me as a strong scent is, he didn't understand/believe me.

After more margaritas, we concluded that he's at the far end of the rational spectrum and I'm at the far end of the emotive/emotional spectrum. Good or bad energy is BS to him; it is real to me.

Love reading the opinions here!

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First, I believe all things have an energy. I believe in concentrating on the positive under any circumstances. And under all circumstances knowing when it's time to make a change. This way it allows you to move through problems and life. The worse that can happen is getting stuck later with the thought, "I wish I would have..."

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This is a wonderful thread. So different form the usual practicalities, not that there's anything wrong with them! We live on 16th Street, 8 blocks due north of the White House. And without getting partisan, I can tell you there's definitely been a *change* of energy around here lately. We were told when we bought the house that Lincoln played cards in the parlor, and were recently told by a neighborhood historian that he slept here! (Too much whiskey during the card game?) So, even though he was a Republican, maybe he's happy there's another senator from Illinois living down the street and we're getting good vibes from old Abe on that count!

I do believe that all kinds of energy exist and affect us, although I don't think I'm one who's very specifically aware of it. So many people have lived in our house that it's hard to discern anything particular. In 150 years, it's gone from single family to 5 apartments (or more) and now back to single family.

An old lady (street person?) walking by one day said that the original owner was buried under the tulip poplar in the front yard. We're currently having the dirt basement excavated. I'll let you know if we find anything interesting!

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our house has a wonderful peaceful feeling which I was immediately drawn to, even before I knew the history of the house (which is wonderful)).

There is a significant amount of low income rentals that have been broken up into apartments in our neighborhood. I have heard that our house is haunted by the Captain who built it, and I have heard that our dog is mean.

This upset me until I realized it was a better deterrent than paying for ADT. So please don't tell anyone that my house isn't really haunted.

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Scottwdc, I'm thinking energy must be in the eye of the beholder, because the change in energy I've experienced since January has not been a positive one. Seriously.

On the other hand, one of the things that drew me to my house (a 1921 Craftsman/Victorian hybrid) was the feeling of happiness it contained. Almost every professional who came through here during the purchase process said something similar ... it just feels like a place with good memories. We know quite a bit about the home's history and it was used as a retreat for nuns, a summer estate for a wealthy family, and hosted at least one honeymooning couple before it was purchased by a sweet retired couple who lived in it thirty years fixing it up before selling it to us when it became too much for the wife to maintain (the husband is frail). Now we're raising our family in it. It feels like home, and I find weird ergonomic things all the time that make it seem like the house was built for me.

My parents house has always creeped me out. I slept with the lights and TV on until I left home. I was amazed my first night away at college when I fell asleep quickly and easily with no fear. I haven't had issues since ... except when I go visit them for an overnight.

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I can believe that a house, because of poor design, layout, or decor, would make you feel uncomfortable, or just a little bit off -- even if you weren't really conciously aware of it. Perhaps this is what people might mean about bad "energy"?

And people have different sensitivities to their environment -- we've all lived with someone who was either more or less sensitive to say, dirt, right? So that might be why some people notice the house makes them feel bad, while others do not.

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There is one area here in the town I live in that always causes me to feel uneasy, has an unfriendly feel to it. The structure of the land itself plays a part in those emotions for me. There is a steep mountain on on side of the road with about as many rocks as trees and a wide but shallow stream that feeds into a larger river futher down and on the other side of that stream is another steep mountain. Sunlight never hits this area because of the mountains.

But - I also know it's history. This is not a high crime area, never has been, just a very nice small town quality of life here, but 30 - to 35 years ago a teenage couple were abducted as they were going to their car after a dinner out by 3 or 4 young men on drugs. They were taken to a pull in area by the river in the area I described above and the girl was raped repeatedly and then both she and her date were killed.

There is a house on this road, almost within sight of where this young couple was killed. About 25 years ago a large family lived there and were remodeling it when the wife committed sucide because her husband was having an affair. The next couple that bought the house lived there less than a year - they are members of my family and a 100 year flood took out 3/4's of the foundation of the house and trapped the wife, child and grandmother. Only prayer saved them and kept that house for washing down the river like so many others did that day.

Yes, I feel "bad energy" there but is it there or is in the memories I have of this area and/or it's lack of sunlight and warmth? I think maybe a lot of the first and little of the latter.

Interesting thread!

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Of course houses can have bad energy!! I live in one!
Since 1969 after moving into this house our family has had horrible things happen. Family members have come down with depression, panic disorders and five family members have come down with RARE cancers!!!! My parents always had lots of friends. After moving here they lost all their friends people didn't want to come back to our house! The house is clean and neat but has terrible energy. We have had many negative psychic things happen over the years. Cannot move don't have the money. Hate that we have to live here!!!

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"It's about E N E R G Y. No need to read between the lines. There are no hidden meanings here."

Define "E N E R G Y".

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Energy is an interesting topic. Do you mean spiritual energy, from ghosts, etc? Or more of an energy that binds everything together, like the Force in Star Wars?

While I'm no expert in Feng Shui (did I even spell it right) I do believe that energy travels throughout our homes and neighborhoods, and if energy is blocked, it can make us feel uncomfortable. Kind of like too much static electricity built up in a carpet, so to speak.

When houses have 'good flow' we seem to be happier there. If rooms are not laid out well, or energy seems to stack up in one corner, sometimes moving furniture around or adding a plant might help. If you've ever read anything about positive and negative ions, falling water and plants are supposed to help balance out this energy.

Computers and electronics give off their own energy (I believe they're positive ions) while lightening, plants and falling water, give off negative ions. Again, it's been a while since I read this, but I found it very interesting. That's why offices with plants and maybe a little desk fountain might be happier places, than those without.

If a house feels very negative, I would suggest opening windows, painting rooms, replacing carpets, even burn some sage, if you feel it will help. These things will also help get rid of odors (like cigarette smoke) that we may or may not even notice.

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Brickeyee - lol, nobody needs to - Websters already did...

"Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work".

Doesn't seem relevant, though, I guess. Probably more to the definition, I should have continued reading. :-).

Wouldn't it be fascinating if, in the future sometime, scientists discovered (somewhat sheepishly) that the smoke from burning sage has chemical properties that kill mold spores? Or something else that causes physical issues? Just a thought that intrigued me!
Love this post, hadn't seen it before. Gotta say 2 things about that "mudhouse mansion" in early post. 1. That place is SO Blair-Witch looking! Yikes. 2. Did ya'll SEE that interior? Gross, sure, but the layout & trim??? Scarry place, but DANG, I WANT that house! What a joy to restore! (With appropriate $$$, of course).

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Certainly some houses have "bad energy". It can be independent of ghosts, hauntings, psychic energy, etc. It can be a totally worldly phenomenon, not just paranormal.

I hated our old house. The ceilings ranged from 6'9" to 7'10". I felt closed in and trapped. The flow of the house was below average (not horrible though). There was a sunroom at the front of the house that had all my partner's Grandma's old furniture in it, which I hated. Then another room that was blocked off upstairs with some of his parent's tsuff in it, which I hated. It was dark. I just didn't like it. It's not a "good energy" house, regardless of any psychic or haunting activity.

I loved the room my partner painted and renovated for me, though. There was a lot of sun from the windows, it was fresh, and new, and nice. We eventually made it our bedroom because the one downstairs was just absolutely claustrophobic.

My partner has experienced paranormal activities there. I heard a few things but not like him. So that's a separate issue but also makes it not the most welcoming of places.

So yes, houses can have 'bad energy'.

We looked at several houses when we were buying and some of them did indeed have "bad energy", whether it was from lack of sunlight, bad setup, weird furnishing, or just downright bad energy. We passed immediately. The minute I walked into this house I knew we had to have it and it had great energy. So we bought it. Listen to your intuition, it's almost always right.

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- lol, nobody needs to - Websters already did...

"Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work". "

And that is not even a good definition.

It would appear the OP is not actually talking about anything that is energy then.

Now we are back to ghosts, specters, and spirits.

They have been trying for only a few hundred years to co-opt actual words from science and engineering, but then deny the ability of either to draw any conclusions on the 'energy' they have described.

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Some houses do seem to cause trouble for nearly everyone who owns them, but I don't think it's a matter of spirits or "energy." I'm no expert but can speculate a bit on this.

First of alll, houses vary in the way they bring in light and air from outdoors. This can have a strong effect on your mood and sense of well being. A house with a poor layout may be fatiguing or annoying to live in, too. Of course some people are more sensitive than others to these factors.

Then there are the diagnosable physical flaws. Some modern homes are polluted by noxious outgassing chemicals from the building materials. Paints, finishes, and flooring can contain mold inhibitors and other chemicals which some people are sensitive to.

Lead paint gets a lot of (probably well deserved) publicity, but it's not the only culprit. Older homes may be steeped in allergens from dust mites, vermin infestations, molds, even the horsehair used in the plaster walls. Substandard drainage with improper venting - common in old houses - can introduce poisonous sewer gases into the house. Many old heating ducts were insulated or sealed with asbestos wrap. Poorly maintained or just plain old oil and gas appliances can introduce products of combustion into the house's air. Radon gas can rise from the ground into the house. And on and on.

Some of these are odorless and invisible. Others are easily detected but our noses quickly "tune them out" when we live with them 8 to 16 hours per day.

Many (or even a few) years of exposure to some of these pollutants could be the reason that a given house might make everyone who lives in it just a little sick. Low grade symptoms may not manifest themselves immediately physically, but might lead to problems incorrectly laid to emotional disturbances, including difficulty sleeping, irritability, and a sense of malaise. These in turn can damage relationships. This might explain why some houses seem to cause splits between the couples who live there.

In most cases, I suspect that a diligent analysis will probably turn up one or more natural causes for what seems like "bad luck" associated with a particular house. But this is probably seldom done because it's easier and perhaps cheaper to just move.

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A rather interesting strain. I don't believe houses have good/bad carma. However, a story about our last home in Ohio before moving to Texas. The home, a large brick home with large "picture" windows, was build in the twenties and was the first home of its type in that town. It also had a detacthed garage that was two cars wide and two cars deep.
Our children liked to play in the garage.

Many years passed and our children are grown, married, and have children of their own. We are having a family dinner, and out of the blue my oldest son mentions how he used to play with a "spirit" of some type in the garage. My daughter said, oh yeah, he used to come in my bedroom at night and talk to me. Our youngest son was born to us while we lived in the house and we moved to Texas shortly after his birth. This dinner time story occured perhaps 20 years after we had moved from that house. Evently the spirit was not ominous. For some reason, our then 7 & 5 year old kids never mentioned the spirit to use while we lived there.

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That's typical, if you believe in spirits visiting people. Many times, children can see things that adults cannot. Some say imaginary friends, others aren't so sure...

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Lots of kids have imaginary friends. I suspect that's what was going on. Memory can blur things after many years.

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All of that said, why would they bring up this subject out of the blue 20 years later? The son involved is an aircraft design engineer. Our daughter owns a group of mortage banks. I do remember that our daughter's bedroom was at the top of the stairs and she expressed that she had trouble sleeping because someone keep waking her.

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Some houses do have an awkward presence and it does linger in the simple structure and design of the place.
I believe a clean, open design with high ceilings and plenty of natural light lends itself to a positive occupancy.

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What a bunch of "hogwash".
The spirits are possible, if they are present, I'd hand them a sprat bottle and rag - clean - clean- clean ! If you are to abide here, do your share !
How to look at things....
A dead crow - just bury it and be thankful its not a skunk, or a mouse, or a woodchuck or a million stink bugs.
All these events - unrelated.
Things could always be worse , much worse...
BTW, I'd much prefer a house next to a horse farm , a grave
And never atop a cemetery, remember the Amityville Horror?

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Hi Kimcoco,
I do agree that houses can have good or bad energy, but I don't think it's permanent. I know a woman whose house feels incredibly warm and welcoming, and when I told her that, she said it had terrible energy when they first got it, but she cleared the space (energetically speaking), and now it feels wonderful. She mentioned using sage, crystals, giant chunks of salt, and blessings (or prayer if you prefer that word). If you google "clearing space" or "getting rid of bad energy" or something like that, you'll probably find some pointers.

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PS I absolutely believe that places (including houses) have energy, but I have a mental block of sorts about feng shui and numerology. It just seems so arbitrary to me. I mean, say you're born in 1965--what does that mean? Calling that year "1965" is totally arbitary. It doesn't relate to anything real (unlike, say, astrology, which at least relates to the positions of the planets relative to the earth). It's not actually the 1965th year of anything; I know the calendar supposedly starts with the birth of Christ, but that's a tradition instituted centuries after the fact--no one actually knows when he was born. And say your birthday is in November--the only reason it's the 11th month is because we arbitrarily decided, and not all that long ago, to start the year on January 1. The year has historically been considered to start on a bunch of different days--the day of spring equinox, the day of the second new moon after the winter solstice (Chinese New Year), Rosh Hashanah (typically in September), etc.

Also, I personally am annoyed at feng shui because at least one popular school of it says my husband and I are, due to our birth years and genders, totally the opposite in terms of luck, so it is impossible, at least in the three-dimensional universe, to have a house that represents good luck for both of us. Aaagh! :-)

Does anyone know of a school of feng shui that isn't based on birth years?

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Ideagirl2- I've never even heard of that type of feng shui. That's pretty complicated...I don't blame you for being annoyed :)

As for feng shui, I think it became popular again (like many trends) and then people get so involved in it that it seems a little over the top. There are probably some good ideas for energy flow, balance, etc. but I don't know if the right piece of furniture on the correct wall will help you win the lottery.

Maybe just keeping a house organized and well laid out is the key :)

As for the kids remembering a "ghost" from twenty years earlier...why not? Some kids see imaginary friends...some might see something else. My mom was sure her Siamese cat was seeing something in their first rental home (before I was born). The cat would stare at a corner of the living room and arch his back and nothing. The neighbor told my mom that the old man who used to live there had passed away, but liked to sit, in his chair, in that corner of the living room.

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While living temporarily in a trailer house one winter we had a ghost who liked classical music. I never did - long live Rock 'n Roll! I heard it all the time while living in that trailer but could never find the source. After we moved to a house I never heard it again.

Something I've given a lot of thought to reading mostly the kitchen and bathroom forums.... there has been ONE remodel showing an orb. I would have expected lots.

After I ripped out the peninsula in my kitchen and put cabinets around the edge of the room, that room felt happy. It was very much a physical feeling. Was the peninsula blocking something other than traffic? I would have thought taking the old kitchen apart would have distressed the old house. It makes me smile to be in that room; even to think about it as a room.

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Peninsulas can be frustrating for some people, who say that while they do provide good work space, you constantly have to walk around them. Maybe it's just better energy flow, to have the cabinets on the perimeter of the room. Many people on the kitchen forum say that islands are much better than peninsulas, for movement through the kitchen.

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I can attest to this for sure and it was even happening before escrow closed! I was getting a funny feeling when this condo I bought was listed as a short sale in 2006 (highly unusual at the time for California) I came close to backing out and I wish I did. First of all the economy did not start to tank until 2008, so many events and troubled situations did occur before then and are still happening now in May, 2012. Just finished signing short sale papers. Deep down in my gut, once I have moved out of this place, I would not be surprised if ironically I will be gainfully employed, begin to have new friends and my health returns again.

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A bit off topic but I would like to say...there are so many of those dumb "ghost" programs on TV now, they are conributing to the dumbing down of America. Especially the one with Zac Baggins - his hair is the scariest thing on the stupid show.

I just wonder how many kids and people of lesser intelligence watch this stuff and take it in as truth?

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Funny how this post from 2 years ago surfaces right when I start thinking about stuff like this!

We bought our 1950's cape 4 years ago as an estate sale. It was an elderly couple who lived there (both in their 90's) and apparently they had passed away within a month of each other. While we were told that they didn't die in the house, neither one of them was in a nursing home, so I never really believed it, but it didn't bother me. When we took our "before" pictures after the house was ours, the photos were riddled with orbs.

We spent 6 weeks renovating the house before we moved in. My husband was out of town a lot during that time for work, so I spent a lot of late nights alone in the house painting and getting it ready. During this, there were a couple of times where I got this "Holy crap, I have to get the hell out of here!" feeling come over me. After the house was renovated (we had gotten rid of a lot of old stuff) and we moved in, I only had that feeling one other time. It was shortly after we had moved in, I was doing laundry in the basement, and I just got this feeling that I had to get the heck out of there.

Over the next 4 years we had a lot of very happy memories in that house. My baby girl was even born in that house just over a year ago, which I think just pumped the house full of positive energy. Nothing could balance out the negative energy left by death like the birth of a baby!

We currently have our house listed for sale. Things were going really great. We got an offer on our house that gave us the money and the dates we needed after being on the market for only 3 weeks. About a week after that, things started to go downhill quickly. Our buyer's buyer didn't get approved for financing, so our deal is now on the fritz. Shortly after that, strange things started happening in the house. We had replaced all of the electrical in the house as part of our renovation, but last week all of the electrical outlets in the baby's room stopped working. We assumed it was just a switch in the electrical panel, but it wasn't. My husband got his tester, and there was still power flowing to the outlets, but nothing we plugged in was working. He had to go away for work, but we decided we would call an electrician when he came back.

The first night he was gone, I went to let the dog out before bed and as I walked passed the stairs leading to the basement, I thought I saw a shadow walking in the opposite direction downstairs. I brushed it off thinking that it was just my shadow that I saw out of the corner of my eye, but at the same time I had that "get me the heck out of here" feeling. The night my husband came home, I was lying in bed reading (I can see the baby's room from my bed), and the lamp and night light in her room just came on. Out of the blue. After not working for no reason for about 3 days, it just started working again, like nothing happened.

It was at this point that I decided to have a little "discussion" with the previous owners. I basically said "Look guys, I know you were mad when bought this house and started changing everything, but we cared a lot about this house, just like you did, and we wanted to make it shine. We've loved living here. We have a lot of happy memories with our children within these walls, but now it's time for us to move on. It's time for us to pour our love into another house that needs us. But don't worry, the lady who bought our house will take good care of it. She has a little boy, and really wants to watch him grow up here. If I can't finish raising my kids here, I'm glad that somebody else can. It's time for you guys to let us go".

Our deal is still on the fritz, but the energy in the house did feel much better after our little "talk".

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Okay I looked up "does a house have bad energy" because I really believe that a house can have energy.

The reasoning being, Our first house was actually his familys house and all things were fine. Second house, is where things went wrong with us and even the grown kids.

We started fighting - yelling - screaming at each other like not just us but the grown kids. All this didn't start off all at once, but over time kept getting worse.

We were actually only renting and only stayed 3 years till we got our own place. Now we are back to the way things were before life is good and we never fight the way we ended up fighting at that house.

One last very strange thing happened, at that house. As we were doing the last walk though making sure the movers got everything. All the lightbulbs stopped working. We would like to think that it was because each and everyone was on, and a sudden surge happened. But I really think it was that house.

We did find out that the family before us ended in divorce, and the teen that was there got into trouble and fights and ended up in jail.

Now the house we live in has the most wonderful *vibs* ever.

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This thread has been really interesting to read. It reminded me of an old job I used to have. I was part of a two person team sent to houses to set up estate/household sales. After someone died or had some other life event that necessitated the sale of their belongings, my co-worker and I would go into the home, sort through every single possession, and tag and display what could be sold. As you might expect, we gleaned a lot from a person's possessions. We could learn their interests, hobbies, jobs, habits and history, but we could also get a sense of whether they seemed happy, sad, fulfilled or lonely.

The surprising thing was that independent of the contents of a home, the building itself often elicited an emotional response from both of us. We rarely discussed it, but I could always tell if my partner's feelings about a house mirrored my own when it came time for a lunch break. If a house gave us a good feelings, we'd make ourselves comfy on a couch or at a table, or even on the floor or stairs and eat our brown bag lunches. If the house gave us an uneasy feeling, we couldn't bear to be in the house for our break and chose to eat outside on front steps, in bad weather we'd eat in our car.

Often, we had bad feelings in houses with neutral possessions and ok feelings in houses where we knew an owner met a sad end. One house we did belonged to a young family. The father was awaiting trail for killing the mother and trying to make it look like an accident. Another house was owned by an elderly couple who died in a murder/suicide. I remember feeling okay in both of those houses. I clearly remember another house that had beautiful architecture and had already been emptied of most personal possessions. We didn't know anything about the owners and didn't get any sense of them from the contents of the house, but the house itself was really off-putting. In fact, it was the creepiest house I've ever been in, but I couldn't point to any concrete reason for that feeling.

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re the above message: that should be trial, not trail. Oops. ;)

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I absolutely believe that houses can have positive or negative energy. My husband and I bought a house from an old couple. I should have seen the warning signs, the old man was seriously ill, and they were heartbroken to have to sell. We pushed though, and although the house was beautiful, so many bad things happened. I got sick, my husband lost his job. Money just sank into that house. We eventually sold it for a huge loss and moved on. Best thing to ever happen. The house we are in now is quite the opposite. I was not even interested in looking at house, but my agent said please come see it. I signed on the spot. The first owner moved out because they were building an even bigger house, and the second resident moved due to a new job and baby. While living here my husband has had a promotion every year. Every time we have a visitor, they are amazed by the house, even though there is nothing that is unusual. There is just a general happy, peaceful feeling here. This house is like a magnet, Every kid on the block is attracted to this house, even my neighbors made mention of it.

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Yes, I believe that a house can have good or bad energy although everything cannot be blamed on these alone. But if you find that some things are happening without any reason soon after you moved into that house then it can be said. Moreover, it is also said that a house or any other property can bring good luck to one person but bring serious bad luck for some other person. It is therefore, necessary that you should realize the exact reason for the mishappenings in your family: whether its the house or some other circumstances. But if it really is the house then you should either move to some other house or use some measures that can guard the bad energies, like feng shui and all.

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I also believe houses and other places have energy that you can feel. I guess I never thought the energy did anything to me except make me uncomfortable or sad. When I was a child, I think it affected me more than now.

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Have been reading these responses with interest. I am not a weeoh weeoh person BUT we once went to look at a house and the curb appeal made me drool . Set back and up on a small hill, beautiful but a bit neglected grounds and a fabulous side portico. Inside the house beautiful molding, french doors gorgeous layout. Up the staircase a few steps a small landing and a master bedroom off of that, I was thinking OH this house is MINE. Up to the next floor, 3 bedrooms. Needed a lot of work but that was okay. Up to the next floor at the third step a feeling of such dread came over me and i could not go one other step. Had to turn around and leave. Never happened before or since. I just think whatever happened up there was evil. So, yes I do believe in negative and positive energy just like i believe in good and evil.

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"I absolutely believe that houses can have positive or negative energy."

Does "negative energy" undo work?

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I've lived in my house 20 yrs. exhusband & I bought it when we were young. It was built to be a church parsonage so many people moved in and out over the years. 20 years age the church sold it because the minister wanted a housing stipend instead of a house.

Ex and I were happy the first 10 yrs then things slowly went downhill. He had a complete nervous breakdown and is a different person. He moved out 2 years ago.

I have been working very hard the past 2 years to make this a completely different house. I painted inside and out, replaced flooring, remodeled, added a patio and fence. I want it to look and feel HAPPY now.

I'm going to burn some sage and ask my minister to bless it. Thanks for those ideas!

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This is about a house we had before.

After we closed the house, we hired a company to remove hideous wallpaper and painted the entire interior. After we moved in, we had a series of projects to make the house the way we wanted.

Gradually, from neighbors we learned about the previous owners. The first owners ended in a nasty divorce. The details of their marriage were like from soap opera.

The second owners were a man with his girl friend who has three teenagers from three differnt fathers. During the time they resided in the house, teenagers got into various troubles, polices were called...they gave neighborhood more drama to watch, finally the couple broke up and sold the house to us.

By then, the house had a funny reputation, neighbors were eager to see how the new neighbors (us) would survive the house.

The 5 years we lived in the house, everything went well with us. We received promotions at work, our children were accepted into top tier colleges, and had great experiences in schools. Together we made many enjoyable, memorable trips to many fun places within and outside of the U.S.

When we put the house on the market, everyone said the house gave a happy, soothing feeling. It sold very quickly and we made nice profit.

We think energy of a house depends on how the owners make it.

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I know this is an old post but I just want to put in my 2 cents! There is an 'energy' to anything in this world!! Your house, your car, clothes...etc...but no matter what these are the things I always practice in my own life and as far as I know things are always going smoothly (knock on woods). Before moving into a new place, I always try to repaint the space, clean it as good as I can, open all doors and windows to do a space cleasing with sage and/or incents. I still light incents as often as I could if anything it always feel peaceful and it is a natural 'febreze'. After all that, I would have a priest come in for a house 's blessing. I am Catholic but I came from a family with a lot of different beliefs and practices and I do live life with a combination of it all! :)

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I know this post is quite old but I would like to add my experience. We bought our rather dated house and have worked to update it these last several was known as the 'divorce house' every couple who lived here was divorced or separated. We did experience a job loss but hey it was 2008 and everyone in autos was losing jobs. I have heard odd things and knocking on doors and so forth...once my daughter was ill and I thought I saw her go into the hall bath. The light came on ...when she did not come out and there was no noise. I investigated...there was no one in the room...I have seen a girl who looks like my daughter from the back several times since. Doors open and shut and lights go on and off.Over time the House has developed a good feeling and good things have happened too. I recently learned that one of the women who lived in this house went missing...I have to wonder about the crawl space which had a hole cut into the wall and then dirt was added...very odd. Most times I am not afraid but I must say, I have a night light...the closet door opening and shutting just creeps me out.

    Bookmark   May 31, 2013 at 9:53AM
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I know this post is quite old but I would like to add my experience. We bought our rather dated house and have worked to update it these last several was known as the 'divorce house' every couple who lived here was divorced or separated. We did experience a job loss but hey it was 2008 and everyone in autos was losing jobs. I have heard odd things and knocking on doors and so forth...once my daughter was ill and I thought I saw her go into the hall bath. The light came on ...when she did not come out and there was no noise. I investigated...there was no one in the room...I have seen a girl who looks like my daughter from the back several times since. Doors open and shut and lights go on and off.Over time the House has developed a good feeling and good things have happened too. I recently learned that one of the women who lived in this house went missing...I have to wonder about the crawl space which had a hole cut into the wall and then dirt was added...very odd. Most times I am not afraid but I must say, I have a night light...the closet door opening and shutting just creeps me out.

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I'd be having that crawl space checked out. Just for peace of mind as much as anything.

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I passed by this old house at least twice a day for a decade before moving from the house I lived in at the time. This house always spoke to me. I always loved it. Five years after moving to a different part of town, we were outgrowing our small house. Without even a discussion with my hubby, I looked in the newspaper under houses for sale. There was a picture of MY house under open houses. I knew the moment I saw it in the paper that it was going to be mine. That it was meant to be...

We had $600. in the bank when I gave them a $500. "Ernest" check along with a low ball offer. Contingent on selling my small house, of course. After the full price offer fell through, we were called back. In order to get the money for the down, we had to sell our house.

Our house sold in a day and somehow we were on our way toward home ownership of a new house where our gas and electric bill was going to be as much as our last mortgage.

The first day our telephone was hooked up, we gotta call from a new (large customer). We have never struggled to make a house payment and have stood back and thrown money at it for twenty four years. I love my house. It belonged to me.

Recently, I subscribed to new MLS listings. The second day I subscribed, the only other house that has ever spoken to me was listed. We had not been seriously considering buying another home but couldnt pass it up. We have it in escrow, scheduled to close next week. I used to live across the street from it forty years ago and always loved it. Again, we initially lost the offer but it fell out of escrow and we were called saying the owner accepted our offer.

I have a feeling that when this monster house gets to much for us to care for, we will end up at the house we are buying. We will rent it out for now.

I don't know about good or bad energy but I do know that there has been only two houses I have felt such a strong connection to. if all cotinues to go well, they will both belong to me.

Funny how I started out my young adult life across the street from where I think I'm supposed to live in the end. I don't think there are accidents.

Interesting thread. I once bought a car just after our local judge committed suicide in it. That car was very good to me. I felt I was meant to change the energy in the car.

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My DH and I once went to see a house on the market that looked potentially perfect for us. It was on an acre of land, had a dilapidated old carriage house to fix up, was a pretty Victorian... as soon as we went inside it felt weird. The interior was very pretty but I swear I felt hostile ghosts, like Victorian women with their arms crossed saying, "This is OUR house!!!"--as in, not YOUR house, so get out. As we went from room to room and floor to floor we got more and more disoriented, even though it was a perfectly normal floorplan, the usual rooms-off-of-hallways thing. It just made us feel really off kilter.

Then we asked the realtor why the people were selling and she said it was because the woman had developed mysterious chronic health problems and needed a smaller, one-story place. That house got crossed off the list instantaneously!

That being said we also once looked at a house that had really good energy, but the seller told us that it had had bad energy when she bought it--she had done all sorts of things (saging, burying crystals and pyramids at points on the property, etc.), and apparently it worked because it had good vibes.

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A house is just a house. The "energy" or "vibes" in a house are the emotions that new owners bring with them. This thread should be proof of that.

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My husband and I were happily married for about 18 years when we purchased our 3rd house from a woman who had gotten divorced and needed to sell the house. Afterwards we had some neighbors over who had lived on the cul-de-sac for quite sometime and through conversation told us that she had bought it from a couple that were getting a divorce. My husband and I laughed and joked that we hope we don't get a divorce. Lo and behold...about 10 years later I was devestated when my husband wanted a divorce. All our family and friends were shocked when we told them. Yes, I do believe in negative energy in a home.

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But April...about half of marriages end in divorce. I would suggest that it was a coincidence you also got divorced. It may be true that houses can have negative energy in them, but I suspect that energy is from what's going on with the people in the house, and not emanating from the house itself. I bought a house many years ago and got divorced a year later. I kept the house, started a new relationship, had kids, and continued to happily live in the house for 30+ years. We sold it 8 years ago to another couple and so far they are still married.

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I do not believe that houses bring you good or bad luck, unless of course the house is poorly constructed and falls down on you during a storm. That would be very unlucky indeed!

However, the design of a house can have a profound effect on how you experience living in it. There is a wonderful architecture book called A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction by Christopher Alexander and others. It is very readable. Someone took the predominant themes of this book and interpreted them in a coffee table book called Patterns of Home: The Ten Essentials of Enduring Design by Max Jacobson and others. It is even easier to read, and well-illustrated too. These books explain why some houses just feel right, some feel wrong, and a rare few feel absolutely wonderful to us.


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Well said! I, too, have lived in houses that made me happy because of the good light and openness, or less happy because they were dark and closed-in. And those are, as you suggest, design issues that have nothing to do with luck, karma, or prior history.

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This post sums up ours...

Nope, don't believe a house has "energy." Whatever the previous owners did or did not or experienced or didn't experience is *over* the minute we move in. Our lives & personalities are what create the energy, not the building or the land it sits on.

Can't say the previous owners have ever had an effect on my current life unless we've had to undo some shoddy renovation they did.

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YES! I didn't think about it till now but I now believe the house I've been living in carries LAYERS of bad aura. The woman that owns the house keeps the windows CLOSED and the house CLUTTERED with things saved from relationships long past, dead parents, etc. I've experienced the following: 2 job losses, illegally auctioned storage unit, car accident, car keyed/paint ruined and my wallet was just stolen-sound like there is extreme negativity surrounding this place?

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Yes I am totally agree. There are supernatural powers around us and sometimes when we move to our new house these power affects us negatively or positively, but our believe in god makes everything fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: craftsman style home builder richmond

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I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago. We're pretty unhappy these days, my family of 5...everyone screaming at each other all the time it seems. I knew the daughter of the previous owners who lived here from the 40's until we moved in in 2000 and they fought often - I actually used to spend the night in what's now my own house! (though several of the family members had low-functioning bi-polar disorder, sadly, which no doubt contributed. They also were of a religion that they took very seriously and perhaps too much of anything isn't a good thing, yes?). We in some ways have been blessed but in others have experienced some pretty bad luck, too. And back to the "screaming," I just asked my husband the other night if we've all been exposed to some scary toxin, including the family before us!! : - / I heard the stepfather (or step-grandfather rather) was an unpleasant man and that he died in our sunroom. Or maybe it's lead paint! What do I know?! Oh and we live on 13th St. Hahaha.

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I do agree! My house is a converted carriage house/barn with only one previous resident. When I came with the realtor to look at it for the first time, as soon as I walked in I had a feeling of peace and that at last I was home. I attribute that feeling to the previous residents being horses, therefore no bad karma lingering in the house. Might be a crock but I like to think that is why :)

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The vibe, aura, energy, whatever you want to call it is real. Because the people that currently live in a house with bad energy directly contribute to it. Not those that lived or died there before.

Why did I live in a new build I hated? Maybe because I lived there with a woman I didn't want to live with? Or it was on an ancient burial ground? Probably the previous.

The house I grew up makes me physically sick the day before I know I have to go there to see my 86 and 84 year old parents. It wasn't a very nice place to grow up in 60 years ago. It had nothing to do with the location, the bricks and mortar, it was what went on inside with the people that lived there. It still doesn't have diddly to do with the dwelling, it's the people in a house not the house. Homes usually are a nicer place to live.

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Anthropomorphism may be fun but it is specious.

People may feel strong "vibes" while in a house but these emotions reside in them, not the house; the experience of being in the house is simply an emotional trigger and different people will have different experiences.

    Bookmark   August 29, 2013 at 10:46AM
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No. I don't believe it. The human brain tries to connect things that aren't always necessarily connected.

    Bookmark   August 29, 2013 at 3:19PM
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I hope #100 is the last post allowed. Back to reality folks.

    Bookmark   September 1, 2013 at 2:03PM
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A test to see if this inanity can get to 200

    Bookmark   September 3, 2013 at 4:25AM
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I believe the GardenWeb limit is 150 posts, so grit your teeth and hold on a little longer....

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Yes. Unfortunately. My story is a little bit heavier. So my parents bought this penthouse 9 years ago and we moved in. First thing that happened: my parrot died after few months. Then I started having extreme nightmares every night for whole summer. After that, my 13 year old brother wanted to kill himself all of a sudden, so my parents took him to psychiatrists and so on. Then, after 3 years since we moved in, my father died suddenly. Few months later I was very lethargic so I started going to therapy. After a year of therapy I started having panick attacks, so I took medications. My mother and brother also had psycological problems, so they also took medications. Then my sister moved out because she couldn't take living here any more. Last year my brother tried to kill himself again, but we stopped him, he is under control now. I also developed few fobias that I never had. We found out that previous owners' son did something bad and illegal(I still don't know what), even police came to our door to look for him when we moved in. When we lived in previous apartment we were not perfect but we were stable, and things were normal, so it has something to do with us moving here. Every psychic lady told us our apartment has very bad energy, so I'm looking forward to moving out. We've had our lessons, we've learned a lot of things, so we will hopefully leave soon and find a better place to live in.

    Bookmark   November 21, 2013 at 10:55AM
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Houses can have a negative energy...if some people don't believe it that's their choice. I'm sorry that some people had a negative experience growing up, but the question would be....will the next people (unrelated) who own the house, experience negative ramifications? That would be more in line with this post.

This post was edited by lavender_lass on Fri, Nov 22, 13 at 15:19

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This is really sad and please make a move to a new home. Find it as soon as possible and be strong Do not worry everything will going to be fine as you shift to a new home.

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Sarraqa - is it possible that a lot of the psychological problems in your family are related to the war going on in your country?

    Bookmark   November 22, 2013 at 7:14PM
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Thank you Jamesdavis. I appreciate that. I'm working on it. Thank you again.

graywings, I was surprised when I saw you asked me about the war, I thought, how can you know that? Then I saw I put Afganistan as my country, I was so rushing to make that profile so I could write a response, that I didn't even look at what country I put. Anyway, there are no coincidences, because real country that I live in(I changed it on my profile), was acctually under war while I was growing up, and yes, it can have something to do with our problems, but lot of our friends and people we know are normal and feeling just fine, especially now when things are shifting in my country. So I don't know...

lavender_lass, I'm also interested in answer to that question. I was thinking about two possible solutions. First one is that maybe bad enegry can be changed to positive somehow. Or by efforts of people that live there, or by someone who knows to work with energy. That's why I'm searching for some psychic, intuitive or energy worker to help me out with this. I don't know if it works, but I would give it a try. Why would anybody suffer like that? Second one is that maybe people come to live in bad places when it's time for their karma to take place, because like that they get new experience, grow, and dig deeper into their own souls. It's not nice, I know.
I say it because, eventhough I had terrible time, and things are totally falling apart, we as a family learned some valuable lessons, we became more self-aware, we became more responsible to ourselves first, then to everyone else, we learned to respect ourselves more, we learned to express our emotins differently and so on.
So I definetely hope I can find someone to adjust these energies, so I could freely move on, and so someone else that is coming to live here would have better time than we did.

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No. See the link - one of my favorite passages from any book.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dragon in my garage.

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My husband, our 8 yr old son and I had a house that was suppose to be haunted. We all loved the house. Our son and the cat hated one bathroom but our son got over it and this yr after living in it for 31/2 yrs I guess the cat we love disappeared. Any way my husband wanted more land, out of town and closer to work. We found a very small house with not much land and made an offer on it. Well then on the way to pick him up for lunch I saw a house for sale. Next thing I know we own this house and 20 acres, two barns and an in ground pool with a pool house. Sounds great? My first response was I'm not living here. Vandals had stollen every thing they could. Now you know how I went from nice calm life total chaos.
1.horrible construction works
2. I'm on blood pressure meds, muscle spasms in back, I'm staying in bed all day. No not depressed. My body hurts so much. Oh and now on the upper part of my legs are these itchy rash spots the doc thinks is poison ivy. Now I'm on another med for that. The bp meds aren't working. Really none of them are. Did I say the receptionist agreed I should have my mail delivered there and the doc thinks this house was a mistake.
3. One of the things stolen was a fire place mantel they left in our bushes. My husband recovered it and put it in the sun room. It feel and hit me in the head. I had a concussion for three days. Plus it hurt my elbow and I had to wear a brace.
4. Our sweet dog killed two of my chickens. One was my fav, he didn't leave much of her. My husband got rid of him. He was the brother to our other dog and had gotten parvo as a pup but we managed to save him.
5. I found one of my rabbits dead on thanksgiving normally passive husband has gotten moody to say the least.
7. My son is doing horrible n school and cry's a lot. Says he's to sick to go to school.
8. All 3 vehicles need to go to the shop
I want to love this house because I love the property. I'm working on fixing it up. If there is bad vive's or what ever don't you think it would like the attention, care and love we're giving it?
9 oh and two of my baby chicks died even after I worked to save them. One even lived for a week or two more.
10. My large Algae eater died but on the bright side I found the other one and saved it. So far he is doing great.
11. I've sent over a $100 on fish and only 3 servived.
12. Another of my dogs acted like he was going to bite me
13. I was texting someone and looked at it, it said "it is ghost". The funny thing about that is I was standing by my stairs. The same ones I had taken a pic of where it looked like someone had died at the bottom. No kidding, there a dark person figure on the floor.
14. My son thank god can swim fell in the pool and has gotten a cut on his chest from driving his dirt bike into a barb wire fence. He knew it was there. He throw something at his window and broke it. I forgot what but it was something like really that broke a window.
Ok I could on but I'm tired. I just want peace again

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i had a beautiful old victorian we restored. An old man who had never married died in the house alone. He had grown up in the house as a small boy. I bought the home and contents from a great niece 2000 miles away. In a note he had written that he would never marry and bring a woman into that house or family. You see, his mother crawled into the tub and drank lye.His father tied blocks to his feet and jumped into the cistern next to the house.
A sister, slashed her wrists and played the piano until she died.(The piano and floor stain was still there) Never any bad energy for me. But the previous family....another story!

    Bookmark   December 17, 2013 at 4:18PM
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