cloth bins, how sturdy?

Ellen1959February 20, 2014

I am thinking of making my own fabric bins to fit open cubby shelving in my loft. I've found directions for lined bins with cardboard liners for stiffening.

I've used commercial closet maid fabric bins and they seem sturdy enough, but to fit the spaces I have I will need to make them up to 15 inches wide and about 12 inches high 12 to 15 inches deep. Maybe I could slip a thin piece of masonite or plywood for the bottoms in the larger bins.

I'd be storing coned weaving yarns in them mostly, which can get heavy, cones weigh 8 oz to nearly 2 pounds and each bin could potentially hold up to 15 pounds of yarn, though most probably wouldn't have quite that much.

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I don't think they would hold the weight and you would have to be pulling them out to get what you need.

I use wire framed containers with fabric covering for my laundry and the weight has broken a couple of them at the frame's joints. I pick the up and carry them to the laundry room. Good old duck tape repaired it well enough.

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Ellen, if you can cut masonite and plywood, you can make your own wooden boxes to hold that weight. I agree with Emma; you will be pulling them out to get what you need (unless you store them with the opening in front instead of on top - just a thought.)

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I am not sure what you meant by cubby holes, but if they are what I think they are, why not just use them without a container. I do that with my sweaters.

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