House making noise

bigboy96April 20, 2012

I have been in my house for more then 10 years and it seems to be still be settling. Every night when we go to bed we hear what. Can be mistaking for someone walking around upstairs or downstairs. Can a house settle for that long or is there something else that might be happening

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Ha, sorry it's not funny but I so know where you're coming from. Your house probably settles with the change of seasons or even the weather, mine does. Footsteps? That would be disturbing alright but I don't believe in ghosts, probably the floors creaking. Of course you could always jump up and sneak a look at who or whatever is lurking about. Are there ways someone could be gaining access to your house? I've heard of intruders who will merely break into a house and walk about just for the thrill - guard your drawer of panties!

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Do you have a metal roof?we read stories where it was suppose to be soldiers (Ghosts) in old house attics.We heard this yes it does sound like that but its the expanding etc of metal roof???Could this be it?

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Or squirrels running across the roof?

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There is so many things that could be to blame. A large temp. or humidity difference between night and day might be the cause, and your flooring/woodwork/framing is just relaying the "message".

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