Martha or Medallion?

summergirl16825February 24, 2013

Hello! I am new here, but would love some advice! My husband and I are first-time home buyers and are buying a house that needs some TLC! The whole kitchen must be re-done. We have a low budget and have visited all the big stores, as well as a local kitchen and bath store. The local store quoted us on Aristokraft cabinets, which I have read very poor reviews on.

However, the two brands we are looking at are Medallion Criterion and Martha Stewart at Home Depot. I have seen good reviews for Medallion, but it always seems that its for their premium cabinets, not criterion. If we go that route, we will upgrade to the soft-close and full extension. I'm worried about Martha because I've read that they are made with 3/8 inch box, which people seem to really dislike.

Finally, we may look more into Schrock as well, since we have heard they are quite comparable to Medallion, but we like the color options with Schrock better.

What are your thoughts?? We are so new to this and trying to make the best choice. I know that what we have to choose from are not the nicest options, but we want to get the best quality on our low budget.


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I can't comment on those particular cabinet lines but my advice would be to ditch the big box stores and go to an independent cabinet dealer. These people tend to be much more knowledgeable about different cabinet lines and can work with you to see what fits within your budget. I started my kitchen remodel process off at home depot but only to get a general idea on costs. I found that better deals were to be had almost anywhere else.

Also, what exactly is your budget? Many people here have different ideas on what is tight or not. Be sure to price everything out before you go ordering cabinets. You might be surprised how much other things cost and you don't want to have to cut in other areas because you overspent on cabinets.

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If you are considering Medallion, take a look at Schuler cabinets at Lowes. They are made by Medallion. I am very satisfied with the cabinet.

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I also used Schuler cabinets from Lowe's. They are the Medallion cabinets just under a different name.

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Thanks for the ideas so far. We want to spend around $5000, but it looks like $6500 or so is a more realistic budget. We have priced out other things as well, so we are feeling mostly at that price.

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Are you looking for a painted finish or stained wood? Will your space work with a stock cabinet or do you need some customization? How big is your kitchen? What is the style of your home? I am new to this too so I can't comment on how far your budget will go. I believe Martha's colored (painted) cabinets are laminate, not wood, if that matters to you. It is worth visiting a KD- we had a designer visit us at home today and she noticed all kinds of things in our space we had not noticed- especially how some of the small things on my list would really add up in cost because of structural limitations. She really helped to reign me in. I spouted out my wish list and she was able to help me prioritize to keep costs in check.

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I am in the process of redoing my kitchen following superstorm Sandy and its been a struggle to find a kitchen thats reasonably priced. I've received estimates as high as $12,000 and as low as $6400. I've narrowed my choice down to Schuler and Cliqstudios. Schuler is sold through Lowes, but it's the same as medallion and cliqstudios is their own company out in Minnesota. Cliqstudio came in at $6400 and Schuler came in at around $7400. Both are running specials now so I'll have to make my decision this week. I would stay away from Martha Stewart because her cabinets are made in China and the workmanship is not that good. For the money, you can't beat Cliqstudios. If you go on and punch in their name you'll see just how many kitchens they've done. Its quite a bit.

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I don't think Martha Stewart cabinets are made in China. They are a Master Brand Cabinet. Cliqstudios on the other hand are assembled in MN. The cabinets parts are produced in China.

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Just had the Martha Stewart cabinets through Home Depot installed last week. Ox Hill in their White Picket Fence color. Waiting for counters before buying hardware, but we really like what we got. End cabs were 3/4" plywood, all plywood, pretty sturdy once installed. No damage during shipping, arrived 4-5 days earlier than originally quoted, everything came in that was ordered. The delivery company were great, the installer was a true craftsman. Now let's talk about HD...

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We have had the Medallion Criterion for about 6 months which we purchased through Menards. So far so good and the customer service at Menards was fabulous. One drawer front was damaged and they replaced it no questions asked in about a week. Didn't need a photo or anything. My DH's brother has Schrock which has been in for over 10 years. They are a lighter colored maple and they still look very good. I looked closely at their cabinets when we purchased ours and the only real noticeable flaw was one bottom corner of one cabinet door located above a dish rack. I imagine it probably has gotten knocked into a few times with dishes. You really can only notice it if you are looking for flaws though. I would, however, if you have time, try a local cabinet shop just to see where they are at. I did not and I regret not checking one out. If you are near Amish people have had wonderful things to say about their cabinetry and pricing. If I am not mistaken badgergirls' kitchen has Amish cabinets and they look fabulous. I couldn't find the exact post to her finished kitchen but thread has some photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Badgergirls kitchen

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